Step Down on Obstacles!

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

Our school system is under attack and our union has been compromised. I, Francesco Portelos, am just a father and educator from Staten Island. I did not know this attack existed because I too wore blinders and had my head in the sand. Now that I now, from being thrown in the fire, I cannot turn my back to it. We cannot ignore it.

Through my own trials and tribulations and seeing and hearing about many others, I decided something had to be done. For a long time I felt that I could fix things situation by situation by being on the phone with members and exposing their attackers online. The influx was too great. We created groups for people who wanted to help and needed help. One of those groups is UFT Solidarity.

Although many members told us that our methods helped them, creating blogs and Facebook pages was no real solution to the bigger overarching issues. We have great obstacles and the UFT leadership is one of them. We had to, and have to, change the UFT.

The only group that opposed the UFT leadership was the Movement of Rank and file Educators (MORE) and they fell very short in representing members. That’s where we came in… UFT Solidarity. A real trade union party about real worker issues.

To win positions where we can properly support members, we need to “step down” on all those who oppose us.

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