Join Stronger Together Caucus of New York State United Teachers

Why Join ST (Stronger Together)?

UFT Solidarity Caucus membership includes many individuals actively involved in activist educator groups and organizations, each fighting for unions, for public schools, and for our teaching profession. As we “think global, act local” we must unite across our geographical and at times, ideological differences to fight for real change in our union and in our schools.

The corporate/greed driven ed “deformers” who are determined to destroy teacher unions, public schools, and the teaching profession by pushing for privatization, more charter schools, more high stakes testing, eliminating teacher tenure, and feeding at the trough of publicly funded schools – these are real threats that must be challenged as a united front.

The early endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the AFT pointed to a critical disconnect between our union leaders and the local rank and file. We must work together at all levels to challenge the AFT. As members of the United Federation of Teachers, UFT Solidarity Caucus is committed to dismantling the “Unity” hegemony that pervades the UFT, the AFT and NYSUT, standing in the way of real change, real progress, and a real fight for all.

Joining and supporting ST is a first step towards this goal. 

We encourage and urge every member of UFT Solidarity to join Stronger Together ( It is a $10 a year annual membership. The link to join is here:

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