Stamatina Hatzimichalis

Stamatina Hatzimichalis, Principal

PS 131K

4305 Ft Hamilton Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11219


  1. She is manipulative and condescending. It is her way or no way. She has created a hostile environment for her staff and people are afraid to speak up.

  2. Ms. Hatzimichalis has repeatedly targeted teachers in her short time at Ps 131. This school has went from no excessing for 15 years to 9 classes closed in a year and a half.

    She creates unnecessary positions for her friends, while she maxes out class sizes to keep these positions while at the same demanding there is no money.

    If you dare disagree with her, she sends someone to observe you and purposely messes with your rating or blatantly creates a lie about you in the school. The teacher turnover rate is high since she is atrocious to work for.

    PS 131 is a high need ESL population, where most families do not speak English. As soon as she started, she did not want any communication with parents and placed a tablet for parents to speak into to translate, which they found extremely degrading.

    At one time there was no union delegate because of fear and retaliation. Teachers are not allowed to talk or mention any issues when there is consulation because she will ask for names and will indeed retaliate.

    She has changed teachers licenses only to excess them later that year. Additionally, she ignores senority and moves teachers who have been there for 20 years just because she can, while keeping untenured teachers in the same place because they do her favors such as; writing emails for her to staff or parents, creating websites, invites for zoom etc.

    Teachers are not allowed to mention the previous principals name or you are automatically blacklisted. Retired principal and teachers are not “allowed” to be invited to celebrations (when we had them) for holidays, retirement or end of year.

    She pulls teachers out for meetings last minute, and also pulls her favorite teachers out of their class to sit in her office and gossip.

    • I Love it. Preach on My Dear Preach on. I to have heard Plenty of Things about her and I don’t even Work at The School. Hehehaha. Teachers Unit and Push Forward For a Better Principal and also For Better School. Cheers My Dear Ladies And Gentlemen.

    • Christopher Michael Langan

      This school has gone downhill and just continues to deteriorate by the day. Mrs. Hatzimichalis has ruined this community’s sense of belonging. Not only does she dismiss the families who don’t speak English but she continues push them and other families away by completely isolating herself in her office (even before the pandemic) and having other staff handle them. While you may see her posing for photos during events you must understand that that is EXACTLY what she is doing- POSING. This school needs leadership, direction and co-ordination within the school! Not a narcissist who wants to destroy the lives/careers of anyone who disagrees with her.

  3. Can I just say Evil? Because that’s what this Demon Principal really is . She has DESTROYED that school . She has lost a good 20 teachers in the past year including her payroll and pupil secretary.If that’s not a red flag , I don’t know what is . She lies, plays favoritism and the worst part of her is that she’s a RACIST.’,.She treats her staff as though they are her little peasants and it’s off with their heads so to speak , if they don’t kiss up to her. You call that’ being professional ? I call it bullying and disrespectful, she should be ashamed of herself . That was an awesome school with caring teachers staff, dedicated parents and an abundance amount of programs for the students. This very rich school of Arts ran by awesome teachers and parents old and new was destroyed when this lady came on board . She quickly ran off to change the name of the school to The Hidden Gem more like the Hidden Agenda. She cries that there’s no money but less than a year in that place all she bought was new furniture to decorate the ghosted schools, that’s her agenda to decorate the school . Whatever happened to kids come first ? She’s selfish, rude and lacks compassion not only for her staff but for students and families in need . She needs to be seen for who she really is and what she’s bringing to the table – misery and overall disrespect . The previous principal was an angel with a heart of gold always making her “babies” her priority and she made sure her teachers did the same. That school needs a principal who makes her students a priority not make herself the main focus . This isn’t a business up in Wall Street people . It’s a place where children learn and are supposed to be prepared for their future . A place where teachers are to grow and where parents should feel part of the PS131 community. As long as the this lady is in control , I can’t see this happening. Instead the school will eventually obtain a low grade and become a ghost town without great teachers and awesome students. Parents will continue taking their children elsewhere and teachers will run to better schools . . This is sad but more than that EMBARRASSING!!! This principal needs to stop acting like she’s the Queen of her own village and put her heart and soul into her PS131 family or move her village somewhere else . Kudos to those teachers who took their expertise and professionalism elsewhere. Most importantly, kudos to those teachers who stand for stat they believe in and don’t kiss up to this unprofessional administration.

  4. #GETRIDOFHatzimichalis

    This individual should not have the honor to bare the title
    “principle “. She is an insecure self centered bully who bites off the hands that feed her which is how she got to the place she’s at now.’she doesn’t deserve the trust or respect to keep our kids safe while we are working making a living to feed our families. She tears people down she insults and embarrasses her teachers she has no care or respect for the community her school is located in this is a neighborhood where there are many minorities in which she takes advantage of because she comments about looking at these human beings as people who don’t know English or the rules of the public schools so I will say what goes whether it’s right or wrong or whether they like it or not. She has lost over 20 teachers along with students, many students have changed schools because for the leadership they have. She has teachers who are not licensed in those areas do the job and the ones that may have the license for it she moves them into different settings or comes up with reason they don’t qualify. She has gotten rid of classrooms as well as programs many activities that the community would look forward to and celebrate and appreciate there was something for there child to better themselves at she took this all away with no remorse. She forces her staff into teaching certain ways and she forces her administration to agree on things they were against with prior principles, she as much as told a co worker not to help any families whom may have Children with disabilities because she did not want that kind of community in her school. She ordered iPads as a form of communication because she did not want to be bothered hearing anyone who does not know English this was used for parent teacher conference and for any other concerns a parent might want to speak on. Please demote this person she has no experience with children or with being a lead she is not the kind of principle anyone would want to work under or leave there children with. She should be ashamed of the kind of creature she is!

  5. This once was a school where the staff actually enjoyed coming into work. Since Hatzimichalis became principal this has changed. She made sure she put who she wanted in the position she wanted disregarding license and senority. She has made irrelevant positions to accommodate her bottom kissers. She has teachers doing administrative task, going into class to supervise when they are clearly not allowed to do that. 131 is in a very diverse community. It’s a shame it does not have a principle that is proud of its diversity and wants to brush to the side minorities. Staff needs to start speaking up on the injustice they are going through.

  6. In case anyone may be reading this thinking these are teachers rallying, it is not. Everything written is the truth, all painfully true.

    This school was a wonderful school community with loving and caring teachers and administrators. The teachers were united as well as administration. Everyone was working for their babies and the wonderful families of this school. Ms. Hatzimichalis has created a division amongst staff, she picks out the weak to be her “minions” They strive off of her attention and to not cross her because they see what it entails if you merely say “I disagree”

    These minions gather intel and report back to the principal. If a teacher isn’t teaching the way the principal wants, which is not good.

    Many have stated our school had a wonderful arts program. Her first order of business was to cut this amazing program, purely because of her dislike for the teacher in charge.

    Coveted positions in the school are not based on senority, skill or really anything career related, but by who will do Ms. Hatzmichalis favors. Like watering her plants at 7am every morning.

    Sadly she picks apart remote teachers and how they can be doing much much more. While she can not even send out her own zoom links. She embarrassingly will have someone create a slide show and she can’t even host or share her own screen. Some role model.

    She is all about conquering and dividing her staff. There is zero trust left in that building.

    This was once a place of happiness and joy for teachers and students.

  7. For anyone reading this and questioning these comments, they are all true. Painfully true.

    Ps 131 used to be a place of unity amongst all staff and adminstration. When Ms. Hatzimchalis first started she even asked “why is everyone so happy?” She surely changed that and fast. She has created a school atmosphere that she divided. She picks out the weak and has her minions report back to her. Why leave the office when you can send minions to report? These poor people feed off of her attention and will never dare to cross her. Regardless of whether she is right or wrong.

    A lof of previous comments mentioned our wonderful arts program. It was a beautiful program for the students and families. This was her first major cut. Not for any other reason than she did not like the teacher in charge.

    Others have mentioned positions created for her friends or people out of license. What they forgot to mention is she created these positions for people who do her favors. One favor of which would be to water her plants in her office every single morning. Why would a teacher do that you ask yourself? Well they have a very cushy position now.

    She picks apart the remote teachers sending in administration to observe them at the end of the day, last 10 minutes. What would one expect to see at 2:00pm remotely??? As a principal you should at the very least be able to email your own zoom link out for meetings. not Ms. Hatzmichalis, she can not do that, that is beneath her. Not only can she not create her own link, she has to have someone open slides for her and say “next slide, next slide”
    How can you do that and expect remote miracles from teachers at the same time?

    If you are looking to work here and see many open positions when open market opens.
    Please think again.

    If you are looking to send your child here please think again as well.

  8. She is a mean person who cares more about her long fake eyelash webs rather than her staff and her students.. she must of been bullied or something all her life that she has turned out this way… it’s unbelievable that even parents gather in the neighborhood park to discuss how they have either changed there children’s schools or how they will not be sending there younger children there.. she has five so overboard with her demands that even the PTA team has since left the school.. she hides behind her administration making orders but having them carry it out not to show face such as ( the AP Jennifer Potter ) yes she does most of her dirty work and it’s sad because with the old staff or as far as when she was a teacher she would never carry out the actions she must carry out now on her own it’s a shame even people like that who were once liked very much are now looked down upon because of the leadership.. which is not leadership at all it’s more like manipulation. I really hope Hatzimichalis reads each and every comment here or one of her ( yes-mans) do so they can report back as if they will receive extra credit or something this way she can see in writing how despicable she is viewed by others. Please if there is anything this community needs is getting rid of her why doesn’t anyone look into WHERE AND WHY SHE CAME HERE from another school, what were the causes I’m sure there’s some juicy info there that will explain her goals to be principle!!!

  9. “Insert name here”

    PS 131 has become blatantly BLAND and sad. The community is suffering IMMENSELY, our children are suffering both mentally and physically from the lack of EVERYTHING a caring, strong, LEADER is supposed to provide. However, we don’t have a leader, we have a tyrant! A Ms.Trunchbull if you really need a straightforward visual of what we’re dealing with. The very few teachers left who actually care for our children are there purely out of fear of retaliation if they speak up or even simply disagree.

    This tyrant will stomp on anyone who doesn’t “obey” her every command. This tyrant is a megalomaniac! Don’t be fooled she will smile and nod to your face but she is not a nice person AT ALL. When things don’t go her way she will become enraged and corner you and put fear into you so that you become obedient out of fear of losing your job.

    At one point she had miraculously acquired an unmatched PTA only to overwork, and under appreciate them, and therefore leading to them leaving. I saw these 2 ladies, Aleksandria and Jessica day in and day out going up and down stairs, designing walls, shopping for supplies, raising money, bringing in the highest number of parent attendance for PTA meetings and even selling ice cream to the kids in the lunchroom as a favor to this narcissistic fearmonger. The kids also LOVED these two ladies! Parents loved that they were informative & they loved interacting with the community. And I’m pretty sure she never expressed her gratitude with much enthusiasm being that she wasn’t grateful for their services but more so loved the photo ops for HERSELF behind THEIR hard work and dedication. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    Rude, despicable, & ungrateful, are just a few words that describe this poor excuse of a “principal.” Let us all come together to reveal our dictatorship run school. Let us; the community, the caring teachers, restore what once was a happy school, full of programs for all, full of children who loved their principal, full of parents who were listened to and heard. With Ms. Stamatina Hatzimichalis running this school we are only promised gloomier days.

  10. This wench just does absolutely any and everything to cover herself. Do not believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Evil, narcissistic, lying, wench!

  11. Watching from afar

    Let me just say this! It is shameful on the part of the Department of Education to allow someone as evil and intentional as this Principal to not bring attention to this and save the school. The DOE is allowing this woman to continually talk about her staff like we are of no value to her. She has 1 person in the office with 2 empty desks. She hired a secretary and she lasted for 2 days and left in a puddle of tears. This is evil at its best. If anyone has the heart to do the right thing. Please save us from this monster.

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