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Our system is unfortunately plagued with countless Special Education violations. Our neediest students suffer and often times their teachers and paraprofessionals are gagged from speaking up. Although there are avenues to report such violations, history has shown us that none of the methods through 311, the UFT  and State Education Department have protected these special ed whistleblowers.

UFT Solidarity is committed to assisting these members and children.

Email spedinfo@uftsolidarity.org and we will work with the administration, the UFT and DOE to remedy the situation while keeping your name a secret.


  1. Staff member or parent contact spedinfo@uftsolidarity.org with information on the alleged violation or concern.
  2. UFT Solidarity Special Education task force contacts administration on member/parents behalf. Five days are given to remedy the situation.
  3. If situation is not remedied in a week, the UFT, school superintendent, deputy chancellor and 311 are contacted.
  4. If the violations are not remedied at this level, the NYS Education Department and media are contacted as well as Special Education advocates.

***We are also there to assist and help with ANY special educaton issue whether you believe it is big or small! If you have a SESIS question or a legal question etc  message us!***

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  1. Many teachers and paras are left in special ed classroom 12:1:1 without the required gen ed & special ed teacher required due to massive scheduling issues that continue to go on without reaching a real remedy.

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