Special Education Remote Learning Plan

We heard your concerns about the original Special Education Remote Learning Plan and worked in collaboration with the city Department of Education to streamline the plan.

The updated plan, which is being disseminated by the DOE today, is now directly accessible in SESIS. The IEP case manager (the special education teacher, or the related service provider for students receiving related services only) takes the lead in completing the document and sharing it with the parent/caregiver.

Unlike the DOE’s original Special Education Remote Learning Plan that often duplicated information in the IEP, the updated plan will be used to document the services that are actually being delivered remotely to the student

The DOE expects that every student will have a Special Education Remote Learning Plan in place and shared with the student’s parent/caregiver by this Friday, April 3.

Here are your next steps:

  1. If you previously completed the Special Education Remote Learning Plan for all of your students, and the services that are actually being delivered match what you entered on that form, there is no need for you to do anything else at this time.
  2. If the services that are actually being delivering to that student differ from what you recorded on the original form, please use the new form in SESIS to update that information.
  3. If you did not complete a Special Education Remote Learning Plan for each of your students, use the new form in SESIS to document the remote services being provided and note any student needs related to assistive technology and instructional tools.

Follow these steps to access the form to create a Special Education Remote Learning Plan in SESIS:

  1. Open the student documents.
  2. Select “create a new document.”
  3. Scroll down to IEP.
  4. Choose “Special Education Remote Learning Plan.”

Read the DOE’s full instructions and guidance »

Thank you for your flexibility and commitment to your students in these difficult times.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the UFT for assistance and support.


MaryJo Ginese
UFT Vice President for Special Education

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  1. I have been disrespected and disregarded as Special Education Teacher in my current school who has had explicit questions about how we were dictated to by our administration to write Remote Learning Plans. We were not asked as special education providers what kind of time needed to be provided to support our students with special needs. Instead we are being forced to follow a schedule that dictates only giving our students 25minute periods with a school schedule of 9:10 to 12:40pm. This schedule absolutely services none of our special needs students yet I have been verbally attacked by by administration for asking to many questions and going over their heads to speak to our special education administrator about my questions that were not being considered at all. All of the teachers feel the same about this 25minute schedule but are bullied and verbally disrespected if too many questions are asked. So we have all been made to revise our Remote Learning Plans to reflect a schedule we are not able to accommodate. But then aren’t we supposed to be accommodating our students and not our administrator’s dictated schedule that lacks flexibility of schedule and extra support to our students and their families? Please help I work at MS 126 in Green-point, Brooklyn

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