Solidarity in Action

Here at Solidarity Caucus we are about action and specifically action that pertains to the members and their working conditions.

We had a successful meeting on November 11, 20145 and committees were formed. We felt this is the best way to build on our members’ strengths and use it to build a stringer union. That is our mission statement and we intent to accomplish our mission.

  • In addition to the committees below, Solidarity members helped organize ATRs and are proud that they have their own group,
  • Solidarity members also worked together with the unfortunate UFT members who lost their jobs before they were tenured. New discontinued teachers groups were formed on mailing lists and Facebook. We hope to work with them and the UFT leadership to ensure they get back to educating our youth despite being attacked by abusive administrators.
  • Solidarity members that are also in,  and working with, Don’t Tread on Educators hope to expose many abusive administrators that have plagued the NYC DOE system. has a list of about 50 that it will be publishing soon. If you haven’t already, nominate an Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI)
  • Solidarity believes that members should be aware of their rights. The UFT has not merged the new 2014 contract articles with the old existing ones. There is no place to see everything together…until now. Solidarity has put everything together in an easy searchable format. See our link under Member Resources – Full Contract
  • The NYC DOE is full of vacancies. They are posted but not accessible to all those who are looking for full time jobs. Solidarity Caucus has made it easier by sharing publicly. We have members thanking us for this service. We are glad to be of service. Citywide Vacancies

Words are cheap. Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers are also easy to come by, but actions….actions speak louder than words. Join us in getting loud and representing members.

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