Side by Side Comparison of the Office of Special Commissioner’s DOE Statistics

In a perfect system of accountability, one would see something, say something, that something would be investigated and then rectified. Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect system. We see here from SCI’s own stats that most somethings are not investigated. Sure we can understand that there are some unwarranted and falsified complaints. However, too many members tell us that they make fact and evidence based allegations to SCI and the DOE’s internal office, the Office of Special Investigation (OSI) and the case is lost or severely delayed.

For example, we have heard that cases filed against whistleblowers are investigated before the case filed by the school’s whistleblower. A way cases disappear is to also refer them. As you can see, SCI referred over 500 complaints of the over 6,000 they received, and they state that they monitor over them. However, we have evidence where cases sent to the DOE’s Office of General Counsel or OSI are then “administratively closed” or as in the case of Principal Linda Hill of IS 49, Staten Island, are watered down. In this example we saw that evidence of financial fraud was submitted to SCI, it was then referred to OSI, OSI took over 900 days to close and ultimately watered down 3 years of double dipping to a small $801 fine.

Speaking of whistleblowers, a Freedom of Information Law request furnished that out of 270 people who requested whistle blower retaliation protection, 269 were denied.

UFT Solidarity suggest you carefully read our Educator Survival Guide and be vigilant when contacting the investigative offices.

SCI Statistics

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  1. The UFT has not dealt with the abuse and harassment of older , experienced teachers , such as myself , who were forced to retire . Mr Dominick D’ A Angelo is still at David A Body ,I S 228 , District 21 , in Brooklyn > He is known to be a major anti-teacher , abuser and Bully , who has still not been held accountable for his actions by the DOE’s Office of Equal Opportunity( They have a file on him as thick as a book ). I am still in the process of demanding a hearing on this Principal from the Corporate world .

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