Shutting Down the Schools- What Can You Do

UFT Solidarity believes in giving members the tools they need to maintain their dignity and agency. We are disgusted that UFT President Mulgrew has not made a stronger statement ordering the immediate closure of the schools.

Our colleague James Eterno advises UFT members to do this: All it will take to close schools here in NYC is for a number of school communities to go remote on their own. Dare de Blasio and Cuomo to invoke the Taylor law strike penalties when you are willing to work remotely. Your health is more important as is the health of the students during the pandemic. Source: ICEUFT Blog

Here is what we advise our members to do now:

  1. Stay home to stop the spread. DOE’S FINAL PLAN MAKES IT VERY CLEAR THAT STAFF ARE NOT TO REPORT TO SCHOOL IF THEY HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OR HAVE BEEN CLOSE TO ANY PERSON WITH COVID SYMPTOMS. There will be no school for anyone experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or being close to someone who experiences symptoms.
  2. At your school, document issues. We will share these anonymous entries with the media and UFT. We need to create a paper trail. You can help with this.
  3. Use the COVID Action Tool Kit to keep your community safe.
  4. Sign and share our petition.
  5. Send out emails to the powers that be.
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