Tannis Sertima

Principal Tannis Sertima

IS 584 (District 7) 600 Saint Ann’s Avenue, Bronx, NY

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  1. She discontinued at least 3 first-year teachers and at least one other and half the math department left in a year. There was no disciplinary policy to speak of and she had little control over the school, disciplining certain students with all-day detention for minor infractions and doing nothing about major behavioral problems occurring every day. Teachers routinely taught out of certification, APs led/dictated “department meetings”, mandatory PD and mentorship for new teachers was denied, Circular 6 options and consultation meetings weren’t offered [sporadically] until mid-year (despite bringing these issues to her attention). In general, the school was a beyond-chaotic nightmare for teachers and staff. She’s also under investigation for not responding to a rape allegation of a SPED student. She is still an untenured principal.

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