Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb, Principal

Bronx Alliance Middle School

3750 Baychester Avenue, Bronx, NY


  1. Constantly devalues teachers in front of students.
    Blames teachers for student behavior beyond our control
    Find reasons to write teachers up
    Expects us to work around the clock no regards to having a life outside of work.
    Zero respect for teachers

  2. What a god awful principal. He presents as supportive but is far from it. Loves to disrespect the teachers and has no order in the school. Students are free to do as they please without consequence. Teachers are written up on a weekly basis. Loves to give ineffective ratings without providing support. Teachers are blamed for everything that goes wrong in the school. Never gives his favorite staff members any coverages but instead takes away teachers preps and never pays you for coverages. His AP’s do absolutely nothing in the building but write people up. The ATR AP, Ms. Gregory who is Steven’s best friend is extremely worthless at her position hence why she’s ATR. She doesn’t speak professionally to the staff and all she does is call for people on the walkie. Steven is unfit to be a principal and he is running this school into the ground.

  3. No human being should have to be subjected to his mental and emotional abuse. The bullying is indescribable. Excessive paperwork, harassment, threatening to fire teachers who don’t comply to his insane demands and public humiliation. He also sends out his Math & Science Coach (Ms. Stewart) as a spy and bully. Don’t get it twisted, He likes some teachers…But if for whatever his psychotic reasons are if he decides not to like you…you and everyone else will know about it.
    There was no one to save me and other innocent teachers because everyone is afraid of him. Several teachers left 3-4 months into the school year. Please save yourself! It’s a toxic environment! Deadly poison! PLEASE DO NOT teach here! For your own leisure Google Steven Cobb. History has repeated itself three times in a row.

    • Its very disheartening when you hear of first year teachers never wanting to teach again after working here.
      There is absolutely no support for new teachers, unless you fit the “Norms” of the “In Crowd”. This man spends more time micromanaging teachers while students do whatever they please.
      How was this man given yet another school with the same people by his sude Ms. Gregory and Mrs. Stewart, ONLY four years later, to run in the ground. Teachers are still left to “figure it out”! When paperwork is thrown in our direction or we have a one hour training. This is Aspire all over again. Teachers are going through great lenghts to Get Out before June! Work should feel like a safe haven for students and staff, its a battle just trying to make it through the day, let alone the end of the year. Incidents go unreported daily.
      If we treated students the way we are treated as “professionals” those children wouldn’t stand a chance. We are beaten down, degraded and just UN lifted. Nothing is ever good enough for this man. “There is work at the post office”, he gently informs us though.

  4. If you’re the type that never takes days off, those days will be your savings grace, in this school it is the only way you will survive. Shut off all emails because you will get them after 11pm. Everyone expects you to work around the clock, except your the only one not being paid to do so.
    Sometimes you won’t get a prep or lunch, because you need tenure so you must comply with a smile.
    He does nothing by the book unless it benefits him and yet gets upset when you want to bring up the UFT.
    The DOE used to be a refreshing place to work, it was truly once about the children we teach, this new administration has become utterly disgusting, the focus is not on the children instead its finding new ways to blame teachers when things go wrong. We teachers don’t make the rules, we simply enforce them, yet we are blamed for it all.

  5. The things Mr. Cobb says to students is beyond disrespectful. He will line them all up to walk up and down the hallways in an orderly fashion if the lunch room is out of order. Saying things like don’t (molest the line) its hurtful to hear when you don’t know if students are actually being molested.
    They must be absolutely quiet, if one student breaks the silence, he will call them derogatory names, if a student engages in an argument then he will become engaged and really let them have it. Seems Corporal punishment is allowed at the administrative level.
    Female students complain that the boys get away with far worse than the female population in the building.
    He seems to also have a problem with students that are not African American, they constantly go ignored.
    The special Ed. Dept. Is only a thought when it comes down to appeasing the state requirements.
    Grievances are at an all time high.

  6. Principal Cobb has created an environment of fear and disdain amongst his staff. He has alienated almost his entire staff in showing great favoritism towards his newly hired staff and appointed administrators that he recently brought on. Pincipal Cobb has targeted certain teachers by deliberately and knowingly giving these teachers poor ratings based on false information. Cobb is not committed to seeing his staff grow and devlelop as any responsible and dignified administrator would. Principal Cobb is completely ineffective in implementing safety and discipline codes as he has demonstrated to all of us his gross incompetence.

  7. Here are five essential but overlooked school principal responsibilities you have to contend with to develop a successful school.

    Creating a positive school culture. (Teacher’s don’t want to be here because we are not valued, students feel bad for the teachers because they can see they are not valued)
    Creating a long-term plan for student academic success.(Lack of consequences for students and students kniwing this will never ensure academic success)
    Cultivating leadership in others. (Teachers are not fit by his standards to lead in any capacity)
    Managing people, data, and processes.(Micro-managing people is really all that goes on in this place)
    Improving School Leadership.(No improvement needed, administration does nothing but sit in their office all day, and just blame the teachers when anything happens.

  8. By David Seifman

    June 23, 2012

    A Bronx principal knowingly broke testing rules and ordered math instructors to teach science in a bizarre bid to show that all of his eighth-graders could earn high-school credits, sources said yesterday.

    Aspire Preparatory Middle School principal Steven Cobb faces disciplinary action for flouting state and city requirements that students fulfill 20 hours of lab work before they’re allowed to sit for the Living Environment Regents exam.

    Teachers told Department of Education investigators that none of the 190 test-takers met the eligibility requirement in 2010-11 because science lab had been offered for only a few months.

    “He wanted kids leaving his middle school to leave with Regents credits,” said a source. “He wanted to impress the DOE.”

    Teachers also said a number of math instructors complained that they weren’t comfortable teaching science but that Cobb simply told them to “figure it out.”

    The sixth-year principal told investigators he believed any teacher was capable of following the science curriculum, according to the investigative report.

    “Of course I couldn’t comment,” Cobb told The Post outside his Bronxdale school.

    Roughly 35 percent of Aspire Prep students, or 67 out of the 190, passed the Living Environment Regents test last year.

    The year before, only 33 students at the school even took the exam.

    Despite Cobb’s efforts, Aspire Prep received an “F” grade from the city for the 2010-11 school year.

    It was named to the city’s list of “persistently dangerous” schools earlier this year, and was approved for phase-out in February.

  9. According to the city Department of Education, Aspire is one the worst performing schools, with a performance rate better than only 18 percent of the schools in the entire city. The most recent city DOE school progress report gave the school an overall grade of C, with a D in school environment and student performance and a C in student progress.

    A former employee of the school believes Cobb is the problem as well. Although he was only with the school for one year, he said his relationship with faculty and students was appalling.

    He acknowledged that the school has had its dangerous moments with student fights, but he believes that it is far from being one of the most dangerous schools in the city. The solution, he says, is replacing Cobb.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that removing this man as school principal will ultimately benefit the school,” he said. “The way he treats his staff and talks to students sometimes is terrible. I just don’t feel like he (Cobb) is the right leader for the school at this particular time. He is a very intelligent man, but the way he runs the school is only bringing it down.”

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