Superintendent Paul Rotondo

Paul Rotondo, Superintendent of Transfer Schools and District 12; Former Principal of Cascades High School

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Office: 198 Forsyth Street New York, N.Y.





    Failure to protect children from bullying and bodily harm child kicked in groin urinated blood. Failure ro designate assault as assault. Left victim open to another assault.

    • this school is not under Superintendent Rotondo’s supervision. This story has nothing to do with him. He’s a high school only supt.

  2. Paul Rotondo is a lousy human. He allows Principal Yallowitz at Metropolitan Diploma Plus HS to abuse teachers and try getting them to cheat. If a teacher says anything or goes to the union they are retaliated against. Rotondo is a strong supporter of retaliation. This can be seen by his actions in his sexual harassment case happening.

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