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Richmond Hill High School Rally

Richmond Hill High School Rally




Join us June 3rd 3:30 PM Rally for a better Richmond Hill HS #RHHSRALLY

What students are saying in the comments section.

What teachers say:

·  Principal Ganesh has demonstrated that he is an ineffective administrator in his repeated inability to effectively manage student behavior and conduct codes. Incidents are not being dealt with accordingly, students are being conditioned to believe that they can behave in any manner that they want to. RHHS staff are in fear every day when they arrive at work.

·      Principal Ganesh has wrongfully terminated several members of his staff including an assistant principal who was terminated for not meeting her ineffective quota.

·      Principal Ganesh is using Danielson as a “gotcha system” and has demonstrated that he is completely unwilling to provide support to his staff in term in terms of growth and mentorship. Principal Ganesh has proven his incompetence in helping to oversee the development of his staff.

·        Principal Ganesh has fabricated numerous teacher ratings that were given out this year. Principal Ganesh and several of his APs have falsified information contained on the observational reports for various teachers.

·       Principal Ganesh and his AP are currently planning to illegally remove all self-contained classes for the 2015-2016 school year.

·      Principal Ganesh has alienated his staff, much of his students, and the parents of the students in favor of the very small number of newly hired staff from Hillcrest as well as his former school that later on closed down. He has hired extremely ineffective, under-qualified and incompetent people for the positions of AP which have proved to be a complete detriment to the departments, the teachers, as well as the students.



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  2. We need more rallies like this. Thanks for showing support and letting teachers know there is some semblance of unity out there.

  3. Hello, I’m a student from the rally yesterday that would again like to thank UFT Solidarity. Ganesh has done too much to not just Richmond Hill High School but Jamaica and Hillcrest as well. If someone has worked in a school that shut down, it shouldn’t give leeway for a promotion. Teachers that go through such a thing hardly get a higher position right after their school shuts down but again, he is a pawn to the DOE and we need a principal that doesn’t respond to the DOE but the Richmond Hill High School Community itself.

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