Review of UFT Leadership and Reps

UFT Rep Review Slider

Click on names below and leave a review of your experience with these elected and/or appointed UFT representatives.

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Union Representatives in Alphabetical Order

Alan Abrams
Don Albright Jr.
Angela Artis
Amy Arundell
Patricia Atia
Mary Atkinson
Margaret Borelli
Vicki Buccellato
Zina Burton-Myrick
Dwayne Clark
Alice Cooper-Jackson
Donna Coppola
Patricia Crispino
Mayra Cruz
Tabio DaCruz
Ellen Driesen
James Duncan
Sandra Dunn-Yules
Camille Eaddy
Marcus Escobar
Elizabeth Espert
Robert Fernandez
Rona Freiser
Ilyana Frias
Analia Gerard
Jason Goldberg
Steven Goldberg
John Harrington
Carol Harrison
Jessica Harvey

David Hickey

William Kalogeras
Joe Kessler
Rick King
Lillian Kohler
Martha Lane
Eliu Lara
Marilyn Manley
John Montforte
Iradies Munet
Barbara Mylite
Kate O’Hagan
Alice O’Neil
Rosemary Parker
Debra Penny
Elizabeth Perez
Brigit Rein
Parniece Richardson
Sean Rotkowitz
Washington Sanchez
Michael Santos
Joyce Schwartz
Pedro Serrano
Kathy Sharko
Servia Silva
Ualin Smith
Dermot Smyth
Joseph Surpis
Winnie Thompson
Mary Vaccaro
James Vasquez
Wilma Velazquez
Mary Wade
Vanecia Wilson
Bill Woodruff
Bruce Zihal


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  2. Nelida Pagan is a disgusting union rep. She is all for the principals and laughs behind the teacher’s backs when they have a meeting with admin. She thinks her sh!t don’t stink, and that she is the only one who does a million and one things and has kids and went back to school for a second degree. She backstabs all her colleagues, and can’t even stay on the same grade as the year before because everyone can’t stand her “rat” ways. She will get what is coming to her. I just hope to be there to see it.

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