Report NYC DOE Substitute Teacher Abuse

UFT Solidarity members have heard, and witnessed, that some schools take away preps from substitute teachers. Substitutes are some of the most venerable members with the least protection. Should a substitute speak up about losing a prep, or any other violation, not only can they be barred from being called back at that school, but some have been barred from sub-central.

If a substitute consistently works the same coverage for more than a certain period of time, then they are entitled to bonus pay. One substitute, in that situation, requested the bonus from the principal. She not only was not called back to the school, or paid, but she never received a call from SubCentral.

“Who cares if a sub loses a prep period? That’s another permanent teacher they could cover, or be an extra hand in the lunchroom.”

A prep period is a period allocated to the preparation of lessons. Without it, a substitute can deliver a sub bar lesson because they haven’t fully reviewed material left for them.

Let UFT Solidarity report schools that are in violation of the contract. We’ll keep your name anonymous.

See excerpt from substitute contract

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