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This article makes it sound like the UFT are vultures looking to pick at the remains of a barely fiscally alive city. That is not the truth. No, to understand the truth you must not only look at what is happening today, but also understand what came before with Mayor Bloomberg and his horrible treatment of teachers. We are not taking money from out of working taxpayers, we are getting the money we are owed from back in 2009-2011 when Mayor Bloomberg refused to negotiate a contract with teachers in good faith. We worked for the money and we were not compensated for our labors. When DeBlasio came into office, unlike other municipal unions at the time, we realized that the city was financially strapped. We reluctantly agreed as a union at the time that the money that was owed to us would be paid out over the next 9 years to save the city money. Money that the city would make a hefty profit in collected interest while withholding from the teachers of the NYCDOE.

I really wonder if the editor of the article would feel differently if she was was a teacher and endured what every teacher working from 2009-2011 endured. Would the editor demand her money up front back in 2011, even though it would of supposedly “financially wrecked the city” OR would she help the city out and accept a plan of repayment over a period of 9 years? If she had selected the 9 year plan, how would she feel if the city attempted to not repay money that was owed to her?

The rank and file of the UFT are not the “bad guys” in this scenario. We have been the tireless workers who have not received their deserved compensation to help the city ONCE AGAIN out of dire financial straits. Of course, if you are trying to SELL PAPERS, a good story always needs a BAD GUY, and this editor decided to mistakingly assign that role to the public school workers of the United Federation of Teachers.

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