Request-A-Rally & Press Toolkits

Below are some powerful tools that we use to empower our membership to make a difference.  Feel free to use any of the tools below to fuel activities in our local schools and communities.  

***ALL UFT SOLIDARITY ACTIVITIES MUST BE APPROVED BY UFT SOLIDARITY CAUCUS.  We just want to make sure we know what’s happening and we want to support you in the best way.  Also, your activity must be on our event calendar.  So CONTACT US about your next UFT Solidarity activity.  We have members in every New York City borough who can support you!***


  • UFT Solidarity Logos – Right-Click (Microsoft) or Two-Finger Click (Apple) the logos below to save the file to your computer.  Please send an email to us to request approval to use our logos on anything including physical or digital items.
    • Full Solidarity Caucus Logo
    • Full Solidarity Caucus Logo FB banner
    • qrcode.29064512

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