William Bryant HS Rally this Saturday. UFT Solidarity Member Creates an Army of 10,000 in a Week.

William Bryant HS Principal Namita Dwarka is well known in the Queens school community and not in a good way. The targeting and harassment of staff and students, the grade fixing and missing funds are just the beginning. The list keeps getting longer while the NYC Department of Education and Queens UFT watch and do nothing but aid Principal Dwarka. For years Principal Dwarka has been terrorizing teachers and students alike and the community of William Cullen Bryant High School is not going to take it anymore.

Physical Education teacher and UFT Solidarity member Peter Maliarakis is Dwarka’s recent target. After he blew the whistle on hazardous conditions and was a witness to a grade fixing investigation, he became a target. After his former students and colleagues read this article, they began contacting him to offer support. Queens teacher says school punished him for whistleblowing

He decided to fight back in the strongest way possible and unite everyone that has survived, or been hurt by, any type of harsh treatment from Principal Dwarka. Peter created the Facebook page called “Things you never knew about Bryant High School” less than a week ago and has already reached an astounding 10,000 members. Story after story keeps coming out about abuses students and staff have suffered because of Principal Dwarka. One post is worse than another.

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The group, now and army, will be holding a rally outside William Cullen Bryant High School this Saturday July 11th at 12:00 PM. Hundreds have already stated they are attending.
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Peter and other UFT Solidarity members stand outside William Bryant with students and other supporters on March 26, 2015.

March 26th Rally at William Bryant

March 26th Rally at William Bryant HS

  1. Principal cheats on tests by pretending students are immigrants

    New York PostJun 23, 2014
    Teachers at William Cullen Bryant High School suspect the “English learners” designations are a scheme by Principal Namita Dwarka.
  2. Story image for Principal namita dwarka from New York Daily News

    Teachers: Despised Queens principal changed grades from failing

    New York Daily NewsJun 20, 2014
    W.C. Bryant High School educators and students have come forward with allegations of rampant grade fixes, saying principal Namita Dwarka …
  3. Story image for Principal namita dwarka from New York Daily News

    Queens students, parents, teachers demand removal of Bryant High

    New York Daily NewsJun 18, 2014
    Critics have alleged that Namita Dwarka, principal of William Cullen Bryant High School, neglected special-needs students, took away math …
  4. Bryant Students, Teachers Say ‘Dwarka Must Go’

    Western Queens GazetteJun 18, 2014
    A student carries a “Dwarka Must Go!” sign during a rally outside Bryant H.S. calling for the removal of Principal Namita Dwarka. Photos …
  5. $195K unaccounted for at NYC high school

    New York PostFeb 15, 2015
    Gym teacher Peter Maliarakis said Principal Namita Dwarka has refused to account for the sales — the profits from which are supposed to pay …
  6. Rally In Support Of Bryant High School

    Western Queens GazetteMar 4, 2015
    … will be attended by members of the William C. Bryant High School community in hopes of removing Principal Namita Dwarka. The rally will be …
  7. Queens HS confines failing students in an outdoor trailer

    New York PostOct 5, 2013
    Principal Namita Dwarka calls the boxy, red trailer housing the confined misfits “the Scholars Academy.” Teachers come to the trailer for English …
  8. Bryant Parents, Teachers Demand Answers On Missing Funds

    Western Queens GazetteFeb 20, 2015
    On the following day, an assistant principal walked into the gym and … by Bryantprincipal Namita Dwarka, including “$500 dinner charges.”.
  9. HS football players kicked off team after hazing incident

    New York PostOct 18, 2014
    Bryant staffers accused Principal Namita Dwarka of failing to report the incidents to authorities. A teacher notified the Queens District Attorney’s …
  10. High School Won’t Allow Injured Queens Teen To Learn From Home

    CBS LocalOct 21, 2013
    CBS 2 attempted to speak to Bryant High School principal Namita Dwarka, but was told to leave. When CBS 2 asked about Walker’s two …



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  1. Veteran Teachers United

    We will remember those who did not support us when our students were being neglected.

  2. Veteran Teachers United

    Let the justice system take care of those who harmed too many of us.

  3. Veteran Teachers Fighting United

    Ms. Farina and di Blasio promised a change of tone, where is it?

    Where is Michael Mulgrew?

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