Rally Against Superintendent Aimee Horowitz: A Common Denominator in “Fixing” Schools.


Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Superintendent Aimee Horowitz and Chancellor Farina

Taking a page out of Bloomberg’s school governance handbook, Principals under Superintendent Aimee Horowitz are permitted to fudge grades in a variety of ways: credit recovery, Regents “scrubbing”, falsified attendance reports, and a “free 55” for zero work completed. As evidenced by the latest cheating scandals, these practices have been rampant at Horowitz’ Renewal Schools: William C. Bryant, Automotive, John Dewey, and Richmond Hill High Schools. Teachers who have pushed back have been punished and rated ineffective despite years of proven, effective teaching. Even assistant principals, with morals and ethics too strong to be corrupted, have been demoted back to teachers.

The fingers of accusation all point towards Superintendent Aimee Horowitz as the common denominator for the serious problems experienced in these high school communities. While UFT Solidarity is no stranger to rallying on the sidewalk of the actual schools, we know that the “fish smells from the head” and this time we are going to the source.

Please join us for a rally outside of Superintendent Aimee Horowitz’ office. Let her know she cannot continue to permit, or to turn a blind eye to, these conditions affecting both educators and students alike.

UFT Solidarity, a progressive caucus within the United Federation of Teachers union, has been contacted by many staff members at schools where workplace bullying, harassment and questionable “improvement methods” are at play. UFT Solidarity educates and empowers members on how to fight back the harassment and corruption, from accessing information via the Freedom of Information Law to organizing rallies and uniting the parents and students with the staff. How to best share this information is also part of UFT Solidarity’s handbook. Knowledge is power and we need to educate the public on what is really happening at their neighborhood schools.

Join members from Superintendent Aimee Horowitz’ schools to rally on Wednesday August 26th at 2PM outside her office at 715 Ocean Terrace Staten Island, NY 10314

RSVP for the rally here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UrU0dTSGRX6fsPTpV14raVoDIKrshKFiY0sxRjlvI5E/viewform

Share this with members of the Renewal Schools http://schools.nyc.gov/AboutUs/schools/RenewalSchool#schools

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Superintendent Aimee Horowitz even discontinued countless innocent nontenured educators to make the grade and show “improvement.” See this video of a school psychologist discontinued because McKee High School (a Horowitz school) was out of compliance and student evaluations were back logged.

And much, much more…


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  1. So timely my friends!!! Unless, I am dead, I will be there!!! (Famous last words…better not jinx myself…)!

    But this is super important, she is the worst of the worst in my opinion.

  2. Good news! I will be there.

    • This website is mostly a strgtl-lhrouoh for the entire data you needed about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and you’ll positively uncover it.

  3. Dianne B Stillman, retired

    There is a misconception about “scrubbing” that we are joining in promoting. It was not an immoral activity. Because of the grading grid (rubric) on the English Regents one iteration ago, it was possible for a kid to pass (and graduate) if one additional point was found on one of the four essays. Each semester, we were told what to look for in the raw score. Those papers were read by two teachers after all of the papers had been graded. I was one of those who sat and reread the entire exam. If I honestly felt that an essay could be given one point higher, I did so. That act would make the student’s total grade move up one box. He could pass. This is not corrupt; this is fair and righteous, especially since the wrong kids are being made to pass pre-college level exams.
    Watch coopting critics’ misuse of our actions.

  4. But remember you are just “one” teacher in one “school” or one “grading site.” No one is suggesting that the grade manipulations were coming exclusively from your school. In many cases the “scrubbing” allegations were attributed to schools that were changing scores within more than just a “point” or “two” within a 65 reach. Besides Horowitz failed to report the changes to the state which I find to be highly suspicious.

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  6. Forget about scrubbing, that’s not the big story here. The renewal schools under Horowitz are using systematic procedures to inflate (and basically falsify) grades.

    My wife worked for a renewal school last year. The school used an online gradebook. My wife had a traditional hand-written gradebook, but this was how she was instructed to enter her grades online:

    -All failing grades were to be entered as a 55. (A 25 on a test = 55, 30 on a quiz = 55, etc.)
    -All work missing from an absence or work that was never handed in is entered as a 45. There are no zeros.
    -The gradebook had 4 categories for grades. The lowest grade in each category was dropped each quarter.

    It’s not hard to pass when the above measures are in place.
    It’s long been known that in the NYCDOE failing grades are written as 55 on the report cards, but most people are not aware of the grading practices used by the renewal schools under Horowitz. This is the reason why the majority of these students are placed in remedial classes when they get to college. Many of them end up dropping out.

    Horowitz has a clear agenda though, to fix the renewal schools. She will intimidate administrators and fire any teachers who stand up to these unethical practices. My wife was discontinued by Horowitz for speaking out. Horowitz never observed her in person and all her observations were effective. She was beloved by the kids and will be dearly missed.

    At first she was afraid to speak out, but now she is just one of many who are starting to share their stories and actual evidence of the practices described above. More and more will come out about this woman and how she really is “fixing” the renewal schools.

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  8. Aimee Horowitz is a disgusting woman who had the nerve to call the legendary Saul Bruckner (R.I.P.) one of her inspirations. If that man were still alive, he wouldn’t even want to look her in the eyes. She is the polar opposite of everything Mr. Bruckner stood for.

    Also, with all due respect to your cause, I must add that John Dewey has never been a designated a “Renewal School” because of the school’s improving academic performance. The NYSED designated Dewey as “in good standing” this year. Dewey is one of the few that managed to outperform the DOE’s expectations and has finally reestablished itself as an excelling school, despite being targeted by the DOE itself for nearly a decade. Kudos to all the John Dewey teachers and staff. Their nightmare is over.

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