Questions We Have for Mulgrew’s October Town Hall

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Questions worth mentioning if you do get selected to speak at the Town Hall (we know things are pre-screened but you never know if you’ll get lucky):

1. Is the UFT pressuring the State to waive state exams from grades K to 12 grade?

2. We are hearing reports of principals posting for the State exam prep. Do they know something we don’t know?

3. Can we see the actual AAA arbitration decision?

4. What is the UFT doing to expediate the medical accommodation application process?

5. Parents are sending sick children to school. How can UFT members protect themselves and other students if we have sick children in our classroom? What rights do we actully have?

6. Are principals supposed to be having IPC’s with teachers given the fact we have no clue how teachers are being evaluated?

7. Are teachers supposed to be spending 6 hours and fifty minutes a day on constant Zoom calls with their students? We know that there are some principals demanding this. What is the UFT doing about this?

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  1. What about retro per session usually received on 11/1? Will that also be 50%?

  2. Those of us that are currently out on medical accommodation, are we going to have to reapply since this accommodation ends Dec 31?

  3. With our final 50% retro money coming in July will it be a separate check since the summer checks are cut in June?

  4. This past Tuesday there was a D75 meeting with parents where a resolution was presented & supposedly pasted that exempts D75 students from being COVID tested in school.

    “The DOE will not test any D75 kids and will consider the resolution options for parents and pediatricians to be in control.”

    If true, where is the protection for those working in D75 Buildings?
    Wasn’t part of the reopening of schools random testing for students & staff?

    Can you elaborate on any of this?

  5. Grade fraud
    Do students have to attend remote learning?

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