Bronx Principal Ignores UFT Solidarity’s Warning to Cease Attacks on School Community. Rally March 17th.

UFT Solidarity is a party of progressive educator activists within the United Federation of Teachers. We exist because oftentimes our union is absent. When members do not feel supported, they come to us for assistance. In collaboration with staff, students and parents, we organize rallies outside schools and outside DOE offices in addition to many other support initiatives ( That’s what we do. “Strong Support” is the main goal of UFT Solidarity. Our Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) list has reached over 150 supervisors we are keeping an eye on and exposing. (

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Serious attempts at collaborating are made first. When collaboration fails, we then escalate the support.

See below the history of UFT Solidarity and PS 89x Principal Ralph Martinez.

First warning after we were sought out by school staff:

Principal Martinez,

Unfortunately your school has come to the attention of our teacher advocacy group. Apparently there are allegations of harassment and unwarranted attacks on educators at your school. As you could imagine, an atmosphere of workplace bullying and harassment is not conducive to a nurturing learning environment for our students.

Just as a courtesy, we are letting you know that we are educating your staff members with information on how to defend their careers so they may continue to instruct and nurture students to their fullest potential. Those tools can be in the form of legally audio recording, using the Freedom of Information Law to obtain information necessary to prove their allegations against you, organizing rallies and creating various social media articles.

Perhaps your best recourse would be to speak with the superintendent, your senior field counsel and Borough Support Center representative, to figure out ways to support educators rather than treading on their careers.

Thank you.


UFT Solidarity
“Building a stronger union.”
UFT Solidarity

Unfortunately for the PS 89X school community, and Principal Ralph Martinez, he did not head our warning. To make things worse, he continued his attacks on parents and even violated state law by getting involved in UFT chapter leader elections. Apparently he is trying to silence an outspoken staff member at the school who was elected chapter leader. Principal Ralph Martinez went around, as did his minions, and collected signatures for a recall vote for Doreida Cela. Although they barged into ongoing classes telling teachers “Mr. Martinez says you have to sign this.” and they collected more than enough to have a recall, the recall failed. We are hear to support Mrs. Cela, the rest of the staff and parents.

Second warning to Principal Ralph Martinez:

Good evening Principal Martinez,

     As a courtesy, we’re letting you know that UFT Solidarity is planning a rally outside your school. How many educators have you pushed out? How many parents? Why are so many educators and parents reaching out to us for support?

    Are you involved in a UFT chapter leader recall election? We ask because we’re pretty sure you’re CSA and are violating laws. If you are, we ask that you cease and desist immediately.


Francesco Portelos


JOIN US for a rally during Parent Teacher Conferences on March 17, 2016. This flyer has information on the rally and the allegations against Principal Ralph Martinez.


To have UFT Solidarity support your school, email and remember to VOTE UFT SOLIDARITY this May.

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  1. Great Job! Keep conducting these rallies. Too many administrators think that bullying and arrogance are acceptable substitutions for competence. The rules and the law must apply to everyone. Administrators have been given unlimited power in the managing of their schools. I was hoping our latest Chancellor would be able/willing to change this, but changes are moving too slowly.

    • Administrators today have become violent as they attack the lively hood of educators who are actually doing their work, while their cronnies are overlooked when observed for professional competence and instructional practices, if they are even observed. I was in a classroom when a teacher called a stomach a kidney throughout the lesson, he was suppose to be teaching science. Their cronnies are not measured with the same tool. There are too many shades of gray in the observation process. Principals have too much power over the schools and there are no real tools to measure a principals competence; leadership certificates don’t make principals competant leaders. They are not setting good examples for new teachers when in meetins they berate and bad mouth educators. I would love to see administrators teach a class with a lesson plan, in either subject: mathematics, science, literature, afterall administrators are suppose to be “Master Teachers”. When asked to model administrators usually muddle their way out. Rather than lead by example they use the power and authority entrusted to them, to damage and distort the truth of professional educators .

      • I think also that we have a responsibility to speak up. It’s too easy for majority members to just dismiss minorities as lazy whiners who aren’t being honest or at least being “too seiv&tnsei#8221; when they say something. It’s gotta also come from us. That includes where the LGBT minority is concerned. It’s gonna take a lot of hetero support to make a difference. It’s gonna take those of us who the majority consider to be one of their own saying something and saying it loud and encouraging others to do the same.

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