PRESS RELEASE – NYC Education Empowerment Forum 2016 – Battling Corruption & Harassment


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Contact:        Kathy Cole                                             Date: May 14, 2016 

Phone:           631-521-9838

NYC Education Empowerment Forum 2016 – Battling Corruption & Harassment


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The focus of this forum is to educate employees, parents and students about corruption and harassment in NYC education while empowering them to combat it. From early childhood to higher education, we aim to inspire attendees with successful stories and workshops that equip them with tools and knowledge to fight against corruption and harassment in our schools.

Don’t get burnt, get ignited.” Attendees should be able to leave the conference stronger, equipped to protect themselves and combat these obstacles that plague our school communities.

The event will begin with a panel in the auditorium followed by workshops. Attendees can choose 2 workshops. All workshops will have information made available to attendees after the conference.

Workshop 1 – “Using Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)” – Accessing documents and information you never thought you could obtain. Example: Access school financial statements, video surveillance, emails and more.

Workshop 2 – “Your Smartphone is Your Friend.” – Apps and techniques to help you document and report.

Workshop 3 – “Harassment & Stress Management” – It’s not easy to relax in toxic environments. Learn techniques to manage your stress and cope the mental anguish that sometimes overcomes you.

Workshop 4 – “The U in Union” – Your union might not be 100% behind you, but you still have rights. Learn how to find the U in Union, exercise your rights and build solidarity in your workplace.

Workshop 5 – “Legalese” The A to Z of your legal recourse” – Sometimes you have to go to court to obtain the solutions you want. Find out what options you have in this workshop.

Workshop 6 – “A Parent’s guide to Special Education Rights” – Parents, you and your child have rights. If your child’s IEP is being violated find out how to get the services they deserve.

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