Contact the UFT Executive Board with ONE CLICK!

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Contact the entire UFT Executive Board with just a click!

The UFT is not just your chapter leader, the delegate, your district rep and Michael Mulgrew. An election takes place and part of that process is for an entire UFT Executive Board. If your issues are not being addressed with your local union reps, UFT Solidarity recommends you go and speak before the entire UFT Executive Board. They meet at 52 Broadway in Manhattan two Mondays a month at 6 PM. A small dinner is provided and you can sign up to speak once a semester (2 times a year). They allocate 10 minutes for member speeches, however that can be cut down if you have to share the ten minutes with others.

These obstacles, along with traveling to Manhattan, can be cumbersome. For this reason, UFT Solidarity brings you yet another great tool to assist the members with communicating their issues with the UFT.

We present UFT Executive Board ONE CLICK!  Using your smartphone, just navigate to and click the button on top. If all goes well, an automatic email message from your phone’s email app will be pre-filled with over 50 elected UFT officials that want to hear and remedy your issues.

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