October 27th – Citywide Academic High School Meeting


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Join our remote Oct. 27 citywide academic high school meeting

Dear Jay,

Please join our remote academic high school meeting. This citywide meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss common challenges and issues academic high schools face this extraordinary year. Also, we want to hear about successes in your school and what your union can do to support your efforts. If you would like us to answer any questions during the meeting, please submit them in advance on the registration form.

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The UFT continues to fight for your rights, benefits and safety whether you work remotely or in person. May we always find strength in coming together. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at teamhighschool@uft.org. I look forward to speaking with you!



Janella T Hinds

Janella T. Hinds

Vice President for Academic High Schools

212-598-9217  |   teamhighschool@uft.org


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