Notes from the August General Meeting

UFT Solidarity Meeting-August 20th

JAY-Updates – Everyone has questions with very few answers from Mayor, Chancellor, or UFT President. Assuming we go back, we have to be hyper vigilant. We need to be careful on what we wear, say, and even breath. Face shields are recommended – especially if you have students eating in your room. If students complain of symptoms, call parents right away. If you are not sure the parent has been called, call them anyway. Make sure you have as much PPE as you can possibly get.White paint coverall (like they sell at Home Depot) is good
More and more families are opting out on a daily basis. 
Retro and raise money is written in stone and is there.
Dillon: Wear clothes to work that are washable-comfortable casual clothes that can take being laundered frequently and when you get home or right after you leave school – change clothes. There will be more laundry involved. People do it before getting into their car so they don’t bring any virus into their car.
Jay: There is no dress code. DOE cannot mandate what employees wear. If get written up talk to chapter leader.
Jay:Tell chapter leader or UFT if the school only gives PPE to the students.

Review the list from the UFT and have everything memorized. Make sure the windows in the classroom look. Open on top and bottom. Cooler air coming in, hot air going out the window.
Ellen:Windows don’t function at school but all rooms have air conditioning. Been pushing for the past 3 years to have the windows fixed and the students don’t like the air conditioning, and prefer fan or open windows. Told standards given to custodians was that only two windows in each room have to work. I think that is totally inadequate. I would suggest to people, if you know specific rooms in your school that have poor ventilation, let your chapter leader know. There is also supposed to be secondary ventilation in these room called Univents – those should be cleaned and functioning but they have not been cleaned for years. Blower systems are being used by custodians but that is not enough. 
Lydia:Click on the link under Health and Safety – if there is anything on there that you are questions contact cl, safety team, and borough safety rep.
Jay: There is a huge difference between the top and bottom windows. When I pushed back and asked about the windows, I got no response. If your in a situation where only 1 upper works, complain, complain, complain. These are reasons not to go back in the building.
Jay: If there is scaffolding, that is an issue. Copy all the borough district rep, as well as district safety reps when complaining
Jay:Not being able to leave for lunch – get clarification.
Jay: If you are told that you must quarantine by a tracer, it does not come out of your CAR – anything else there is a possibility it could come out of your CAR – best practice is to call the school if you do not feel well and ask.
Jay:AC Units – the issue is the filters. If the ac units were install by a doe vendor, they are on the top and they are hard to reach, and therefore hard to clean. If the ac was installed by a non-doe vendor, those are in the lower window
Quinn:A typical window air conditioning does not provide air exchange. It does not provide a significant amount of outside air into the classroom. Its very important to have bottom AND top window functioning so the convection cycle can function. 
Lydia:They are kicking us out in 10 minutes, so I will post in the chat and the agenda the new url.
Jay :If you are sick and quarantined because you were instructed to, you are fine and it is not taken out of the CAR
Jay:Cleaning supplies will be provided by your Principal. If they are not provided, you must contact your union rep. Notify by email, AND phone call
Jay: Don’t know..It might be okay if it adds with the convection cell
Jay:Min/max screen time for remote teaching – have not heard blue filter is better for long time screen watching. 
Jay:Tenure should not be impacted at all.
Jay:Delayed opening notification – we do not have any information on that. Carranza does not matter, the Mayor that controls school.
Ellen:One of the issue relates to state aid and 180 days. There is so much that needs to happen before school starts so hopefully they are begging for a delay.
Lydia: There are so many questions, for now if you direct question to the email on the agenda.

We are in process of jump starting a class action lawsuit. We are having a meeting with Bryan Glass, Esq.
Mulgrew is also pursuing legal action as well
MORE is talking about a sickout – that is a violation of the Taylor law.
Jay: There are severe punishments for violating the Taylor law. What was talked about is not going in if exhibiting any Covid symptoms in any way – that is what we mean by “NOT a sick out”. Chancellor said that more than once to stay home if you do not feel well.
Call the congress people. We should bombard them with emails.
Sign the UNITY and the Solidarity petitions. Solidarity does not collect dues and everything we do is free, but running a caucus is expensive so if
Susan:Is a remote out a violation?
Lydia: Technically it is still considered a strike and it causes a major inconvenience for parents – especially D75 kids and it is not safe.
Jay: If MORE holds its own sickout, the whole union is not penalized for it.
Lydia: I have been talking to several of the other causes to warn them about the problems of the sickout.
John:There is no greasing the wheels between the other caucuses- There are idea of a sickout is not to keep people safe – it is for publicity. A text chain to tell people that you are not feeling well, is different. I don’t think there is any productive work to be done with that group.
Jay:If you call out sick for any reason, call your doctor, go see a doctor – keep yourself covered. You need to get a doctors note to protect you.
Lydia:Other business and industry are doing temperature checks of employees on a daily basis. This is the case in health care. I can look into other union locals to see if there employees are doing it.
Ellen:It seems they are doing random temperature checked. We are supposed to be assigned a contract tracer, but those details have not been fleshed out yet.BRT training is starting this week or next week – get in touch with a member on that team to see what they are saying.
Jay:If you have a student with a fever, get them to a nurse. Random kids go to the isolation room – that is the responsible of admin. In the classroom, send them to the nurse.
Ellen:There is supposed to be a team within the building. There was not much planning at all, until the plan was due. The colocated school will follow what the school they are housed in will do.
Lydia:We don’t know everything, but we will do the best we can – give us an email, the email is part of the agenda. If you want to be part of the lawsuit, or be part of the phone chain captain have a good day.

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