Non-Common Core Math Used for UFT Retro Calculator


Tens of thousands of UFT members have been left in the dark in regards to what their October 2015 retro check will look like. Why? Why hasn’t the UFT put out a calculator that at least estimates what each member will receive? We don’t have the answer.

Instead, what UFT Solidarity does have is an attempt to make a simple calculator that can give members a close estimate before taxes.

Our retro calculator can be found here:

Many who used our calculator have explained that it estimates much lower than what the UFT promised, so here we explain the simple, non-Common Core math we used.

A member will click on the retro calculator link and be asked to enter their salary, and per-session payments, for each year from 2009 to 2015. That can be easily found by searching the public site called SeeThroughNY.

We’re told this retro is for the 4% and 4% we didn’t receive in 2009 & 2010.

Let’s use $100,000 to make it simple.

A person making that much would be owed $4,000 for the 2009 year.

Now in 2010 it would be 4% of the new salary of $104,000. That comes out to $104,160. This number is really 4.16% of the original salary.

Now we simply used that 4.16% for the rest of the years and totalled the difference a member would have made.

After totaling the difference, we simply cut out the payouts by the percentages and dates agreed upon.

In October 2015, members should receive 12.5% of that total owed. If you believe our math is wrong, please comment below.

Our retro calculator can be found here:


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  1. You do not take into account the retro owed for 2016,2017,2018,So far, we have only received 2% of the 8% on our paychecks. We will receive 2% in may’16, 2% may’17, and last of it may’18. Untill then, we beed to add the money we should of had.

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