New Member Support Initiative: The “Good List” for Administrators

Happy Mid-Winter Break to All!

This post and initiative is not satire. This initiative is born from the suggestion of several of our members who wondered why UFT Solidarity didn’t use their knowledge of good, bad, and in-between schools to compile a list of decent DOE administrators to work for. Like the hugely popular Administrators in Need of Improvement list, this new “Good List” (so it will be known until we can think of a suitable acronym for it) will contain administrators identified by members who are supportive, fair, innovative, respectful, and human.

Also like the Administrators in Need of Improvement list , this “Good List” should be used as a tool to use when you are considering applying for a new school in the spring and summer. As it is a living document, the list will grow and change over time. We strongly advise you to use different sources (ANOI, “the Good List,” School surveys, word of mouth, UFT Solidarity’s Members Only Google Group*, and networking) when looking for a new school. Please also keep in mind this: your opinion of an AP or Principal could vary from your colleagues’ interactions or experiences; respect that fact but of course the comment section will be open to allow for polite debate and discussion.

Here is the link to nominate:

Once we have a solid list of between 10-20 candidates, we will publish the list just like we do for the ANOI List.

* If you want to also join our mailing list for planning, meetings and announcements, then just send a blank email to

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