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Thank you for your interest in UFT Solidarity Caucus. If you believe that our union can do more, be stronger and better represent the 200,000 members, then the information below may be of interest to you.

To view our campaign platform, click here.

To view our officer candidates and their bios, click here.

To view an FAQ page about the election process, click here.

You can print and distribute our flyers in your school and into UFT member mailboxes. You can find instructions by clicking here.

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  1. Heard from sources that Bully Principal, Dominick D Angelo , who is still harassing teachers , may be leaving ” Retiring ” , after this 2018 -19 ,school year . This may be possible due to the many problems and complaints against him . Can we verify this? thru Brian Glass / another source. D’Angelo is still principal at IS 228 , 228 Ave S , Brooklyn , NY 11223 , District 21. Thank you ,Bob Provenza 718 815 1957 .

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