Candidate Judeth Napoli for VP of Career and Technical High Schools

Judeth Napoli for VP of Career and Technical High Schools

Judeth Napoli for VP of CTE HS


“The General Electronic (GE) Foundation gave a $3.2 million investment to the school system that will support a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) pilot program and an enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher training program.”

“New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina joined AT&T and Girls Who Code Thursday, Together, they celebrated the graduation of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at AT&T, a seven-week computer science program aimed at educating, inspiring and equipping high school girls with the skills and resources to pursue future careers in technology.”

 “Rigorous CTE and STEM programs have a tremendous ability to engage our students and prepare them for success in college and careers,” said Fariña. “It is so critical to have industry and higher education partners on board for this important work. These initiatives also provide more opportunities for teachers and school leaders at ‘Renewal Schools’ to change the dynamics in their building, and we will encourage them to take advantage.”

These are some of the headlines that are being written in major newspapers.  Where are these teachers coming from?  Where is the pool of expertise?

Chancellor Fariña and all DOE are touting the benefits of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, as is our union leadership.  Granted, the definition of CTE has changed over the years, as the work force needs have changed as well. However, many of the teachers that are excessed, and put on rotation, are extremely qualified CTE teachers.  Many of the CTE programs are being abolished or scaled down.  CTE teachers should be invited and encouraged to take summer courses and to work with CTE bound students.  We have the classroom management skills, the planning skills, and the expertise to work with both students and industry.  Our ability does not end because bureaucracy has declared our license “obsolete”.

We used to have “work study” programs.  Remember those?  Students would come back to school much more appreciative of their classroom responsibilities.  We need to bring those back and work with the DOE to insure that those programs return.

I taught the National Academy of Foundation for business curriculum.  The students involved in those classes become very involved in their third year when they know they will be getting a summer job at a major financial institution. We need to breathe life back to those programs, not dissolve them.

The Virtual Enterprise curriculum provides students with the ability to create a business plan and then move forward with it.  The students learn speaking and writing skills; as well as how to prepare a business plan.  Planning anything is a necessary life skill. Why are programs like this more common. I will work hard to bring programs like that to more high schools.

I have worked as a liaison for the city and state in providing Perkins funds for new CTE programs.  I worked with the administration of the school to bring in rigorous, relevant and new relationships so that the students could benefit for private input.  Principals were appreciative of my assistance because it kept their students interested in school. Students learn to love learning about their future careers.

CTE is necessary for schools and CTE teachers are viable educators.  Let’s come together and bring some “entrepreneurial” spirit to the election.  Let’s break some new ground with new representation.

What issues do you feel are most critical for our union?

Bring back many of the CTE programs. Students need to apply the math and English concepts to real life situations.

Work on getting the many experienced ATRs their own permanent classrooms again, instead of covering as day to day substitutes for subjects they are not proficient in.

Work with the state to redefine and acknowledge those licenses that are considered “out of date”.

Bring rigorous curriculum to CTE courses.

How would you engage the membership in implementing the changes that are needed in our union?

Encourage success of the many, many experienced and veteran teachers who are CTE certified. Get the state and/or city to recognize our license and our expertise. Bring this to the table of those teachers who are being rotated.

I would be available to answer questions and problem solve issues with the licensing requirements.

I would work to learn the ropes and know how to read the ins and outs for the particular licenses.

It would be my purpose as the VP for CTE HS to assist teachers with licensing and to support all remaining CTE teachers and programs, while working to increase CTE programs citywide. I would ask questions of the state and city, as often as needed.

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