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Victoria Najera, IA Principal

PS 333X

888 Rev James A Polite Ave, The Bronx, NY 10459


  1. This principal has lied to students and staff as well as parents. She has issues directions that don’t meet the needs of the students and when given evidence as to why- she gets nasty and retaliates. She has publicly shamed teachers as well and student over tests scores- having them for anyone entering the build to see in a color coding list or it’s teachers and students names.

    • This is so true. She is completely incompetent. Her mental stability has been called into question by staff, students and parents.

  2. The worse unprofessional principal I have ever seen she screams all day at staff and students. She makes students eat in silence at lunch and everyone in school is afraid to talk because she is friends with superintendent she is a mental case

  3. She’s terrible for student morale. She should be fired on the spot for shaming students by revealing their grades so other students can tease them.

  4. Honestly I feel the people that have written this and gone too far ! Those that aren’t doing their job are those that are upset! Data speaks for itself! Your students aren’t growing and you don’t care! It’s a pension and check to you all! PS 333’s culture is disgusting! Most of the teachers are lazy , sloppy and unprofessional ! They go to work looking like slobs and this is what the kids are seeing and learning! You are the ones that should get fired! They couldn’t take constructive criticism! Most of them should never have made it this far! Change is good and I believe she’s trying to change a culture that doesn’t want to be changed! The environment is full of frustrated women who take their personal issues out on the students education .

    • So that makes it right into publicly shame children? If you feel that way I hope you stay far away from children!!!!

  5. This doesn’t reflect PS 333, it reflects the opinions of like 2 teachers.

    If they did their job, they would get the version of Ms. Najera that the rest of the school gets.

    Thank you Ms. Najera for coming to PS 333

  6. Proud 333 Teacher

    Change is uncomfortable. If your not uncomfortable, you’re not changing.

    Our students and staff are thankful to our new principal!

    The proof will be in our achievements!

  7. Change is uncomfortable. If your not uncomfortable, you’re not changing.

    Our students and staff are thankful to our new principal!

    The proof will be in our achievements!

  8. Lucky teacher at 333

    333 is lucky to have her!

  9. Fire her?! How about give her a raise!

    She is changing the world for our kids!

    • Everyone is trying their best and doing their job, if it’s not to her liking then it’s an issue, she micromanages everything to the point where nobody can give ideas or suggestions, or even use the techniques that work well for their classrooms. I agree that she manages the school well and she exposes the students to many different experiences that other wise they will not have , and for that I am grateful to her , she is also a master teacher developer as she provides great resources and professional development, my main concern about her however is that she can make staff feel less than , she can be condescending sometimes , her attitude towards her staff has to improve other wise people will always fear her instead of respect her .

  10. She’s a good principal , yes, sure , she could be the best principal if she treated her staff with the same respect she expects to receive. It takes RESPECT to get RESPECT !!!!




  14. The only people that were humiliated are those that are teaching these children that don’t know any better! 5th graders can’t read or write yet they have been in PS 333 since kindergarten!?! That says a lot about the instructors teaching them! The culture of 333 needs to be changed! To many people are comfortable doing absolutely nothing! Teachers complain about absolutely everything!! How about you put that same energy into the classroom! We have these people bringing so much negative energy into the classrooms! Half aren’t even sympathetic to the living situations of their students! They judge them and mistreat them , talk down to them! Teachers are always on their cellphones during class time , use prep time to smoke instead of working and preparing for their classes! They are neglectful and un organized! Some of the teachers are hoarders! Embarrassing to who? Because the kids didn’t understand until certain teachers (those offended because the truth came out that they are crappy teachers came out!) Miss Najera has to clean up the mess that had accumulated throughout the years! She has done far more for these students than anyone in that building! There are a lot of people that shouldn’t be in a teaching position and should resign.

  15. It is so sad that people are so focused on the test scores being shown rather than what the real problem is at hand! Have you guys even asked yourself why are my students not growing? Why can’t they read , write or do simple arithmetic? Has anyone really sat down to think? How is it that a principal has to teach students? How is it that she has to constantly help the staff do their work? It’s pretty pathetic that some of us that have been in our positions for years , are tenured and still haven’t gotten it right?! All they are focused is on bringing down a person that is really trying her hardest to build a community and a good learning environment for the students at 333. I have yet to see anyone take any initiative in making 333 a better community. Stop COMPLAINING! Do your work! Teach these kids! Give them love! Be role models! Leave your personal lives at home! You want to talk about respect? The staff doesn’t respect each other even before Nájera stepped foot in the building! We have teachers throwing tantrums like the pre-k students! Disgusting! You are the ones abusing !

  16. Ps333 staff member

    Ms.najera is an amazing principal, she cares about her students and staff. She’s working on rebuilding ps.333 it’s not her fault that kids that have been their since kindergarten can’t read. This is her first year there and I commend her on the work she has done and still continues to do so. We love you ms.najera

    • Let’s face it , nobody becomes a teacher because they think they will become a millionaire, many teachers start of passionate about their job and they truly believe they can make a difference. But politics around education and the hierarchy take a toll on teachers as well, so how dare you say people don’t deserve to be where they are!!!! . I believe there are ways of empowering teachers without being condescending. there are so many factors that determine if a child fails or succeeds, teachers are just 1 part of the equation , home life , exposure , experiences, the curriculum!, the changes in leadership , the coming and going of teachers, the whole education system has part in that because there should be others ways to show case what kids are good at and will succeed in. Test score are not the means to an end . But this is the system we are stuck with , I am all for changes and improvements , I agree Najera has to change certain systems in order for more students and teachers to reach their potential , she has a great and clear vision , but if you love her so much tell her or show her different ways of empowering her staff, scare tactics and intimidation will make the staff resentful. I think reporting her actions to the news was excessive, she wanted to hold students accountable, maybe she could have found a different way, But I believe in second chances and hopefully certain things will change for the better . Because we can get somebody worse than her , she’s really not the worse.

  17. Ms. Najera has worked hard to improve our underperforming school. People should be glad to have found a hardworking and devoted principal such as Ms. Najera. Furthermore, Ms. Najera not only has tried to improve students’ performance, but also teachers instructional practices. Ms. Najera works 24/7 (incase you don’t know what this means 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week). Whomever is negatively expressing their discontent for her, then go ahead and find yourself another school that can tolerate your insubordinate persona. Perhaps you need a wake up call, because we are at this school for a common goal, not to please you. What is the problem with you? Ms. Najera did not please your individual needs? Or perhaps she did not give you enough attention? You have the oddacity to teach our children? I would have fired you already. You are lucky you are dealing with her and not I!!! let me inform you, what my action plan would have been,I would have hired a private investigator and then suit you for defamation of charater. Honey, the party it’s over, (wake up call). We have a school and children who deserve a true leader, not a make believe one. Take a self reflection, you have twisted every positive action she has taken to better the school and turn it into a disgusting comment. I feel anger towards your actions. Also, Ms. Najera is not there to tailor your personal accommodations. What is it? You don’t have anymore time to talk on the phone, chat in the hallway with others, or criticize the wonderful teachers that work in this building? Maybe you need some alone time with hubby! Hence, I have never seen Ms. Najera yelling at anyone in the building, or shaming anyone. Kids and staff love her. She tries to accommodate everyone. She remembers staffs’ birthdays. She has done everything possible to better attendance in our school. On another note, If Ms. Najera were to run for president, I would vote for her. She can do a better job and the current president. PS. PRAY so God can cleanse your brain and soul.

  18. Sorry for the misspell, suit for sued>

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