Khurshid Mutakabbir

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Khurshid Abdul Mutakabbir, Principal

Maspeth High School

54-40 74th Street, Queens, NY 11373


  1. Is a non presence in his own school, targets teachers, only hires new 22 year old staff who he can manipulate and bully. Violates the contract- has teachers working 4 periods in a row, 6 periods in a row, requires unpaid hours afterschool, doesn’t offer per session for required activities. Massive grade fixing- forced to pass every kid or else…
    Trains his favorite staff to bully other teachers and make them do his dirty biddings such as changing grades. Kids don’t even know him as the principal, he never leaves his office. UFT doesn’t exist in this building.

    Many staff in the school are brainwashed and don’t know their rights.

    Don’t be fooled by the so called reputation and the nice building. There is no union presence in this school and your career will suffer because of it. Stay away.

    Refer to multiple NY Post articles:

  2. arrogant and nasty from day 1…and believe me I KNOW.
    complete lack of union presence is REAL.
    The man had no problem letting me know he “used to be a chapter leader(in Canarsie or Lincoln High?) and knows ‘all the tricks that are pulled’ ”
    serious, insecure (despite his intelligence and some talent) jerk with issues that stem from both difficulty reconciling his (entire) identity and childhood.

  3. I worked in this hellhole and agree. He only
    Hired new untenured staff who would be in fear of him. The union presence and rep is a joke and everyone is scared to stand up for their rights. He doesn’t even face the kids or leave his office. Total jackass. He uses the fact that he was a union rep against his own staff.

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