Less Paperwork & More Teaching

In theory, having a joint district paperwork committee is a great way to attempt to reduce the excessive paperwork that has become standard in our profession. However, the first step is for the UFT member to tell the chapter leader and the chapter leader to bring it up to the principal. In speaking with both chapter leaders and their members, we found that many are reluctant to speak up feeling they are not protected from possible retaliation or simply do not want to cause friction. In the end the members spend countless hours on needless paperwork instead of perfecting their craft.

This is where we come in. Our latest initiative is:


a site that offers anonymity whilst pushing for reduction in paperwork that has inundated our profession. Simply go to the site, fill out the form and UFT Solidarity’s Paperwork team will work on brokering the reduction between the district and the UFT committees.

Please share flyer: http://solidaritycaucus.org/wp-content/uploads/Lesspaperworkforus-website.pdf

Lesspaperworkforus website

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