Minutes from January 11th Meeting: Election Planning, Spreading the Word!

                  UFT Solidarity Meeting

Date of Meeting:        January 11, 2019                                           Meeting Facilitator: various

Participants: Lydia, Eleni, Quinn, Eric, Monica, Johnny, Claudia, Tiffany

FOCUS OF MEETING: Election and Signature Prep
Agenda Item(s): Record Specific and Major Points Discussed/Participants Contributions/Feedback
  • Social Media
  • Video Posts
  • Jan 12 Childcare Worker Event (Tiffany)
  • How will we attract/connect with other Chapters ?
  • Jan 16 Delegate Assembly
    • Need people to flyer- Fran and Quinn
    • Lydia will get forms for candidates
  • Jan 18 Happy Hour
    • Reminder invite will be going out Monday morning!
  • Jan 25 Happy Hour
    • Will childcare workers be attending? YES!
  • Future Brooklyn/Staten/Queens Happy Hours

Social Media – Eric is going to take charge of the Twitter account and will be posting a lot. Monica will make a meme having to do _____________ and will send it to Lydia. Lydia and Francesco said that people are _____________, but most of them are actually not on Unity payroll.

Video Posts – There has been an upsurge in people joining the caucus and in viewing our social media pages. Monica will draft a script about _____________, and Eric will draft a script about _____________ Monica thinks a video should mention: _____________

      Jan 12 Childcare Worker Event (Tiffany) – ECE on the Move (Early Childhood Educators On the Move). 150 providers in each chapter. 90% of the members are in the UFT. The meeting on the 12th is in the Bronx. The meeting is about educating the members on _____________. Bring fliers to the Meet and Greet event on the 25th that includes information that would appeal to Childcare Providers. There will be 12-15 leaders there. Tiffany will send a link so we can better educate ourselves. Tiffany is our candidate to replace Anne Goldman. Congress member _____________  will be at the event on the 20th. They want to _________________________ to expose the issues facing the Early Childhood Educators. Reach out to the ____________. Tammy Miller is in charge of childcare providers.

Petitioning – On Jan 16th, Francesco and Quinn will be flyering at the Delegate Assembly. Lydia will show up later as well to pick up the petition sheets. She will fill them in and run to Staples to make copies, then come back to the DA where we will ask people to fill out the petitions. She will put petitions in color-coded folders based on division. _____________. Petitions are due Feb. 15th.

Learning Targets:  

Small.  Specific.  Measurable.  Achievable.

What will team be able to do by the end of the meeting or by the next meeting?

  • Find out who will attend Jan 12: Childcare Worker Event (FRANCESCO AND LYDIA)
  • Delegate Assembly Specifics: flyerers and signatures
  • Council/Officer Attendance for Jan 18 and 25th events.
  • Finalize happy hours for Feb 1 and Feb 8.
Next Steps: What will be the next meeting agenda items?

Need to produce a flyer for childcare workers for Jan 25!

Francesco: give Eric Twitter account.

Johnny: ask Amy for Nurses chapter leaders, School Safety, county clerks,

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