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Join the fight for teacher’s rights by becoming an active member of UFT Solidarity. Membership is open to all UFT employees — past and present — who are committed to defending the profession, and who may be in need of critical support. By telling us about yourself, we can match you up with our ongoing committees, rallies, and email lists, and can place those in need with an advocate from our support network.

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  1. when it comes to conversations between members and reps, many times it has to remain confidential. Nobody wants to lose their job or be pursued by administration over a conversation they had with their rep. Could be a complaint, could be a suggestion, anything. Discretion and confidentiality are important!!

    • Josephine Tsatsakos

      Confidentiality and respect of another who spoke with concerns and personal issues is part of a social worker’s oath.

      • Francesco Portelos

        I can’t tell you how many times we get calls from members whose trouble began after they spoke to their rep.

        • Clara Smith-Anderson

          From my experience, UFT reps are working alongside administration. This includes Chapter Leaders and in my case a District Representative. It is terribly unfair and a disservice to the Union when their representatives misrepresent teachers based on their relationship with administration. It’s hard enough being a teacher, with no where to turn, it’s almost impossible to believe in a Union that supports corrupt administration.

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  4. Hello

    I am a former teacher in Florida. I belonged to USEP and NEA/AFT. I would like to contact someone in your group on how to start a similar group in my area.

    I am disabled and can no longer teach due to 4 assaults by students in five years. Our problem is the local union can only do so much. I have family members who are mercilessly stalked on a daily basis and are subjected to contrived innuendo attacks without factual credibility.

    Thank you

    Gerald Savoy

  5. I appreciate all information! My professional life has been under attack lately with a vengeance . I have been the CL for 15 years. Brand new principal and many issues that have nothing to do with my teaching. I just see so many people that are living in fear ! Teaching should not be constant harassment nor should standing up for a contract! Thenwhat’s the point of having a contract when teachers have to hide in corners to get support from their CL’s ? As a CL I am a target and some people now are so fearful they will accept almost anything instead of standing together!

    • Francesco Portelos

      We need to change the mentality of “at least it’s not me.” Solidarity…standing behind one another. Join us

  6. . I’ve sent numerous copies of my “Updates” to Council Corp. Zachary Carter, however, the alleged conspiratorial fraud still continues. Is Attorney Carter auditioning to replace or join Justice Thomas on the U.S. Supreme Court? What has happened to our moral compass, are we surrendering to the ugliness of racism, greed, and or politics? On or around September 28, 2011, the NYC’s Special Investigator Christopher Dalton was served with my Summons and Complaint and Judge Silvia Ash’s Subpoena; they were not answered. The anonymous defendants that allegedly accused me of assault are still known as Students A, B, C, and D, and there is still no proof that they ever existed, so how come no one was ever charged with contempt of Court?

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  10. Please help…I am facing discriminatory harassment from co-workers, am reporting this to admin that are MANDATED REPORTERS, and yet notes are not being taken, and I’m obviously not being taken seriously! I have faced abusive language, and have also in the past reported health and safety hazards to admin, for both students AND staff, that have been COMPLETELY ignored.

    Admin refuse to answer any type of emails regarding the source of discrimination, the lack of FULL prep/lunch times, or the safety issues (I’m guessing so any incidents would be blamed on the teacher in charge, despite written questioning how to fix situations!) despite SEVERAL COMPLAINTS.

    What’s funny is that I’ve received SEVERAL veiled threats on the phone or in person, when there is no written proof of what was said. This is unacceptable, and cruel. Observation scores have had dates VASTLY falsified and held back for up to 4 MONTHS, instilling an even GREATER fear of saying anything, lest threats be followed through on, or scores come back as suddenly low, after YEARS of high performance.

    I have been living under constant stress and fear from a school that has a past of providing monthly curriculum two days before the next month, and sometimes even several DAYS INTO a month! There have received “monthly theme memos” on the 15th and 17th of the month…OBVIOUSLY just for show in a binder! I read the “school handbook” word for word, yet the school does not follow its OWN RULES! It seems that it’s expected that every should have no family or social life, and should have perfect health, because hey – last minute curriculum means YOU’LL HAVE TO SPEND YOUR WHOLE WEEKEND ON IT! So much for having plans, and oh well if you’re sick!

    I’m at the point that this has taken a serious psychological toll…I seriously believe that I have PTSD from the stress at this point, and it is all that I can talk or think about. How does a teacher sue the DOE? How long is the process, and where are you as a teacher while this is reviewed? Does the UFT provide lawyers, or do you need your own? What happens to your job should you lose your case? I’m truly desperate…I love my students, but the misery, dismissiveness, cruelty of both staff AND admin has me severely anxious, depressed, and physically ill.

  11. Am a paraprofessional that was in pre-k class in a trailer how do we clean the tabletop toys and the rugs in the class room?

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  13. Really I learned a lot from your remarks. I really agree as you mentioned the school rep usually supports the afministration.I never saw a letter in file or bad rating changed or removed.I see some union reps in the borough do not support the members.

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