Manhattan UFT, please help schools from Superintendent Marisol Rosales’ attacks

For years we have been hearing about the issues occurring at the Manhattan high schools. When the issues we hear are similar, but come from different schools, we have no choice but to connect the dots and see that the problems are coming from the district office.

UFT members and chapter leaders, from various schools, reach out to us and tell us the same stories. Those stories are that Superintendent Marisol Rosales (Bradbury) had incited and created more problems than solved. During her visits, and shortly after, classroom evaluation scores drop and requests for help by abusive administrators fall on deaf ears. Another issue is that on one hand they have administrators and superintendents on the attack, while on the other they have UFT reps that are not helping. See letter below.

While we are not sharing all details of issues here, UFT Solidarity has taken the initiative to unite and collect stories and members in an action to remedy the Superintendent Marisol Rosales situation.

Manhattan high school members are urged to fill out this form.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew has been sent an open letter from union members from the High School for Art and Design regarding their situation with Principal Manuel Ureña and alleging lack of support from UFT Rep Alice O’Neil

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  1. Thanks for posting this Solidarity. She’s wreaked havoc at our school too.

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