Jamie LePow

Jamie LePow
Jamie LePow, Senior Administrator, Office of Counseling Support Programs at NYC Department of Education


  1. Senior Administrator Bully Her Staff

    Jamie Lepow has abused her authority as a senior administrator over Single Shepherd and initiatives program by THRIVE. Jamie Lepow works at Tweed for the Single Shepherd Program. Jamie Lepow has been allowed to belittle, threaten Social Workers and Guidance Counselors With their jobs. She has said very horrible things to the shepherds under her supervision. She is very unfair, demoralizing, condescending, and intimidating. Jamie has made many Shepherds cry and has gave Shepherds for their formal observations ”U” as rating because she was not entertained enough with her observation of the social worker and guidance counselor. It has been very difficult and anxiety districting working under Jamie Lepow’s supervision.

  2. Working with Jamie LePow as my supervisor had it’s ups and downs..Jamie is insensitive, condescending, and says cruel things to staff she supervises and is not your model Administrator or Social Worker. Jamie has no empathy or compassion of others. Jamie has stated numerous times that whatever your doing is never enough. She is very hostile and belittling. Jamie created a hostile environment for social workers and guidance counselors working under her supervision makes them feel like your walking on eggshells. She has caused a lot of anxiety and fear in staff that they might lose their jobs according to her threats she has made numerous times. I think she should not be working with social workers or guidance counselor as a supervisor. This Administrator has even threaten my job following protocols that she puts in place and doesn’t follow herself. Jamie has blantly told her staff that the students don’t care about them. When its been shown that students do care about the work/support their counselors/social workers provide. Jamie is not fit to be an administrator with staff being supervised by her.

  3. Jaime is tough but caring!

    In response to the comments above and the relationship I had had with Jaime as my supervisor I think like any other website with “reviews” they are extremely subjective. Jaime is a very thorough and intentional supervisor. She has a stern tone but all that she requires and asks of is positioning you to be the best social worker you can be. I do believe we all respond differently to various types of leadership. Some leaders have approaches we may find rigid or impersonal as listed but I believe her strategy encourages growth. Her strategy is not for all but those who want to learn, grow, and excel will enjoy and actually feel encouraged when working with her because her heart is in the right place and when I work now I have had someone who’s made me look at the small details. Due to her thoroughness I am a more thorough shepherd. It is a shame that people are unable to see the big picture and to actually empathize what it must feel like to be a part of a program with many moving parts. I appreciate her style and have seen sides to her that show it is coming from a caring place. Jaime is exactly the supervisor that I hope to continue to encounter in my career because complacency is not something I value.

    • Be a Leader and not an Abuser!

      I beg to differ! Unless you call belittling and using inappropriate language to the shepherds she supervises. We don’t constantly have to hear how good you are at your job and the put downs Because we’re not good based on your opinion. Jamie has singled out certain shepherds and has been very mean to them with her abuse tone and behavior. I don’t call that tough. She has creative hostile environments at work we’re you fear to come to school. Jamie has caused anxiety in many employees that she supervises. Let’s not mention she lacks empathy and sensitive. She’s a Social Worker and should be very aware of the damage of someone mental well being!!! Many staff members have made numerous complaints to Jamie’s supervisor and very little has gotten done to address the compliants. Now, if those are the conditions some are use to working under by all means let her continue the abusive behavior on your end!!

  4. I have had an amazing experience with Jamie as my supervisor. She continues to encourage me to be better while acknowledging my current skills and supporting me when ever I need her. It is unfortunate that my colleagues have had this experience however, I must say that this has not been my experience and I am grateful for her leadership.

    • I am glad you had an amazing experience with Jaime as your supervisor. However, you attend PDs and you hear other shepherds comment and complaint. Most of the people she supervises complain about her. She is a very toxic person and her grandiose personality has been the reason why most shepherds do not want to be around her. I hope it goes well for you this school year.

      • No point in making comments on someone else’s experiences. It’s their opinion and if we listened to everything everyone said all the time we wouldn’t be the leaders we are.

        Taking into account my colleagues experiences I understand their frustration but I believe somewhat as someone above stated it is personal preference. Leaders all take different approaches. I admire jaimes qualities and her wealth of knowledge is phenomenal. I would much rather be under someone who is equipping me with the skills I need to be on top then under someone who isn’t guiding me in any direction but just supporting bad habits I may exhibit. We all need a push NOW whether that is done always in the most delicate manner I can agree. Also to state MOST people dislike her. The 10-15 shepherds I’ve spoken with so not. That’s a large chunk of her caseload. Respect people OPINIONS. Don’t be so salty

        My last comment is, if they are so unhappy they can perhaps look for a new job. What I’ve seen in a few people who complain about her, is they are lazy by nature. Some have sound complaints and real reasoning but it’s such a range. To make one blanket statement is not what we do in our profession we understand the whole image. So let’s gwt off forums like our children we advise. If anyone has an issue with Jaime sit her down, I myself have done this as the adults we are. You are not as powerless as you are making it seem. Moreover, if we are all trusting in Gillian, I am sure she would’ve acted on it if she felt Jaime was not fit for the job. So let’s let our leaders do their jobs.

        We must exhibit empathy, professionalism, and use our communication skills to our advantage.

        • Absolutely Fed Up SWkr

          I’m VERY confused as to why there are ppl defending Jamie. No one EVER said she was stupid or not knowledgeable of DOE systems/protocol. If you actually took the time to read, it’s evident that the majority of this list is comprised of ppl who have had terrible interactions w/ Jamie which I’m sure we ALL know she’s capable of. Jamie is petty, condescending, patronizing and belittles staff at ANY chance she can. I’ve been in the DOE for 4 years and the field of Social Work for over 10 yrs and have NEVER met a more incorrigible, apprehensible and self-absorbed supervisor. I’ve never met someone who actually TAKES JOY in criticizing or talking down to ppl. Jamie has her favorites and if you are one of them, that’s great for you but what about everyone else?! I know for A FACT that Jamie has retaliated against a group of shepherds who reported her to her superior for talking smack abt shepherds to their coworkers. Guess what Jamie’s response was to shepherds advocating for themselves? She now does WEEKLY “pop ups” to ensure everyone is following the fidelity of the model of single shepherds. Does this sound fair to those defending Jamie? Furthermore, saying that we need to look for another job is ignorant beyond words. Have YOU tried to look for another job? Probably not, bc you are one of her favorites. I hope you all are guidance counselors and not social workers because I would be disgusted if LMSW followed your signatures. Shame on ALL of you defending Jamie and I hope you actually do something useful with all the privilege you have!!!

  5. Let’s focus on our kids y’all. She gotta work on her social skills but she ain’t the worst of the worst. We all have flaws

  6. Jaime has taught me the skills I need to become a better school counselor. As a result of her guidance and feedback I’ve been able to grow in the couple of years I have had her as a supervisor. She is thorough in her work. She is passionate about what she does, as am I. Jaime has provided me with the support I’ve needed to maneuver the relationships with the school principals and other school staff members. Jaime has given me tangible skills I’ve been able to use with my students and see results. If the students are your focus and you want to learn real skills that will help you help them Jaime is the supervisor for you. Is Jaime perfect, no, has she made mistakes, yes.

  7. Just Keeping it Real

    It is simple. You reap what you sow period. What’s done in the dark will come to the light. These are universal principles that Jamie cannot escape. It will all catch up with her. Remember Pride comes before the fall. That competitive nature will drive her to do things that are not ethically correct by any means necessary, pitting co workers against one another is morally wrong and in another environment she would not get away with how she talks to people. Beware if you are not afraid of her, her tactics and you speak up for yourself, she will ready to go to war. Its obvious some people have not had these experiences but discredit those who have. Bottom line, she is beyond phony and her people skills suck.

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