Scott Krivitsky for VP of Education

Scott Krivitsky

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“I have been an educator for 12 years and recently was awarded Teacher of the Year by the Daily News and Department of Education. Also, I was spotlighted in the National Educational Alliance Magazine for creating a STEM Pipeline that bridges elementary schools,  middle schools,  high schools,  colleges, and workforce development organizations.  This model for education has never been done in New York City before.
I would love to be on your team to help Empower our Teachers and Schools. We need to bring back Creativity and Spontaneity to our Classrooms. ”

What issues do you feel are most critical for our union?

“The biggest issue is that our teachers have lost a Voice in Education. Once again, we need to create a safe teaching environment,  where teachers bring fun back into the classroom without fear of being micromanaged by administration.
Educators are the pulse of our schools and deserve the respect of being a Teaching Professional.
As educators, we need to bring back Pride into Teaching.
I will help Impact Education for the Better for our Teachers.”

How would you engage the membership in implementing the changes that are needed in our union?

“The secret is communication and giving our teachers a voice in the educational decision making process. Also, we want our teachers to feel appreciated for all the great work that they do each day. Next, we have to stop with negative reinforcement and start being positive with our teaching professionals. The Fear Factor is a deterrent to being effective in the classroom.
Our New Union has to bring back trust and support for our members.
Our teachers shouldn’t feel like victims and walk around on eggshells.
We will Make the Difference Together!
We are an Educational Empowerment Team for our Teachers.”


  1. Good luck Scott

  2. Good luck

  3. U the man Scott. You were a superstar in the health club industry back in the day and continue to excel. Not too many things better than helping to educate kids.

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