Patricia King

Principal Patricia King


MS 267 Brooklyn

Grades 6-8

800 Gates Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11221


  1. No human being should have to be subjected to her mental and emotional abuse. The bullying was indescribable. Excessive paperwork, harassment, threatening to fire teachers who didn’t comply to her insane demands and public humiliation (yelling). She would also send out other teachers and para’s to spy and bully. Don’t get it twisted, she did like some teachers…But if for whatever her psychotic reasons are that she decided not to like you…you and everyone else will know about it.

    There was no one to save me and other innocent teachers because everyone was afraid of her. The UFT chapter person wouldn’t and couldn’t help. He was afraid. The District Rep is her best friend so there’s definitely no assistance there. I have an anecdotal book on her and her spies for the entire school year. It was an awfully terrible experience. The turnover rate is tremendous! Several teachers left 3-4 months into the school year.

    Please save yourself! It’s a toxic environment! Deadly poison! PLEASE DO NOT teach there!

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to refute this statement. I’ve worked at this school for many years under the instructional leadership of Dr. Patricia King and I’ve found her to be an advocate for teachers and children. Dr. King’s major concern is that teachers be well versed in their content areas and are willing to differentiate in order to meet the academic needs of the students. There are demands on us as educators to be equitable to all students and to communicate that across grades and disciplines. If indeed you are not exhibiting exemplary teaching practices you will find yourself meeting with her in order to explain what is hindering your craft. Dr. King is willing to provide whatever you may need to rectify this situation. However, once it is provided you are expected to implement the strategies. You will be provided mentoring, and modeling by other staff and she will avail herself to model for you. My time with Dr King has been one of exciting forays into informed decision making and cutting edge educational policies on how to better educate children in our Bedford Stuyvesant community. How to access resources for teachers as well as students.

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