Jeena Lee Walker needs our support.

Let’s support Jeena Lee-Walker in her fight to get her job back as she fights against abusive administrators.

According to the article Jeena Lee Walker, a high school English teacher was fired for Teaching about the Central Park Five.

The Department of Education reason.

It may cause a riot.

Really, as a history teacher I teach about;

Sparta: The Spartan women use to tell their men going into battle “come back with your shield or on it. No second best for these women.

The Romans: This group was so ruthless that the Senate, yes a governing body murder it’s own leader. Beware the Ides of March.

Ghengis Khan: a psychopath in his own right who basically slaughtered every civilization he conquered.

Maximilian Robespierre: This man had such a murderous rage that we call his rule, The reign of terror.

The Medici family. They were the Patrons of the Renaissance, but like it or not this is the first family of organize crime.

And how dare I forget the Scottsboro Boys. Nine African American boys who were accused of rape. Their case establishes the precedent for having fair trials.

Which led us to Central Park Five. Two years ago at MS 206, Raymond Santana visited with a group of students to discuss the Central Park case. My son was one of the students. Santana’s plight  intrigued my son and his classmates. Oh yeah, and the best part there were no riots afterward.

The truth is the Central Park Five case was built on lies. Much like many of the New York City Department of Education 3020a cases. I can attest to this first hand. Arbitrator Lisa Brogan wrote in my decision that Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez’s testimony lacked credibility. In a court of law, this is called reasonable doubt. This is why the Central Park Five were exonerated. In the New York City Department of Education reasonable doubt simply means that the teacher is guilty.

Ms.Lee Walker deserves our support. It’s time we stand up to abusive administrators who targeted teachers to fulfill their agenda.

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