UFT Solidarity Initiatives

What Has UFT Solidarity Accomplished For Union Members?

  1. We have created a support email list where members in need can email Solidaritycaucus@gmail.com or call our number 646-8UFT-4US (646-883-8487) and get support and advice from one of our growing list of knowledgeable support members.

  2. We have held and organized rallies outside of schools and DOE headquarters to raise concerns about issues that concern our school communities.

    1. NYC Educator Groups Rally in Solidarity to Support Hundreds Unfairly Fired Teachers

    2. UFT Solidarity, New Action and Alumni Stood Tall in Support of the William Bryant HS Community

    3. UFT Solidarity Plans for Another Rally – Richmond Hill High School June 3rd

  3. We created a Teacher Support App that is very useful and packed with tools. You can download it for Android here uftsolidarity.org/app

  4. We created a Paperwork Reduction site where members can anonymously report paperwork violations for us to bring up to the district and central paperwork committee. www.lesspaperworkfor.us

  5. We help manage a site called ANOI (Administrators in Need of Improvement) where we hold almost 100 principals and assistant principals accountable for their alleged harassment of our UFT members. uftsolidarity.org/anoi

  6. We send emails to administrators who bully our members and let them know that their victim is not alone. We have their back.

  7. We set up a growing email list of retirees who are willing to support members in need at hearings and other matters.

  8. We created a growing Chapter Leader Network email list for chapter leaders and delegates of the past and present can support each other and answer questions.

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