Hero Teachers Slated for Termination

Queens teacher says school punished him for whistleblowing NY POST


In the fall of 2014, a physical education teacher from William Bryant High School found the classroom he was given to be hazardous. He asked Principal Namita Dwarka to change rooms and she denied the requests. He made the decision to move his students to another room and called OSHA. OSHA came in and after an inspection they immediately shut down the room. This did not stop the Principal Dwarka from giving him a disciplinary letter for moving the students without permission. OSHA eventually substantiated the teacher’s allegation.

The teacher was also a witness to a cheating scandal the Principal Dwarka was allegedly involved in and interviewed by DOE investigators.
Principal cheats on tests by pretending students are immigrants …

Teachers: Despised Queens principal changed grades from failing …

This hero teacher also found hundreds of thousands of dollars unaccounted for in addition to many other acts of misconduct.
$195K unaccounted for at NYC high school | New York Post

Last week he was served with termination papers alleging incompetence. Meanwhile he has never been rated ineffective!

UFT Solidarity is closely watching the reaction from Queens UFT and the actions of the superintendent and DOE lawyers.

Bizarre Behavior Coming from Queens UFT Office

UFT Solidarity, New Action and Alumni Stood Tall in Support of the William Bryant HS Community

The teacher, who already had a lawsuit against Principal Dwarka, is telling us he expects to make his termination hearing open to the public so he can continue to expose the broken system that is the NYC Department of Education. For now, they have him showcased in the main office programming calculators. Sources tell us there are over 475 educators reassigned to these duties in their schools and district offices. Many who contact UFT Solidarity are whistleblowers. Treat about another hero teacher David Garcia Rosen. Is NYC Punishing Educators Who Advocate for Sports Equity in …

In similar news

Johnathan Hinesley is a chapter leader who was also called incompetent and banished to the basement by Principal Liza Ortiz of the Bronx. He was brought up on termination charges soon after he asked for support, asked for some documentation and filed grievances. His principal prevents Johnathan’s members from going to him and allegedly watches the cameras closely. Johnathan joins a growing list of chapter leaders and delegates who come under the gun after raising concerns in the school and taking union titles. The UFT, although has passed resolutions to protect school union leaders , has not stepped up to the plate to defend and support.

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  1. Veteran Teachers United

    It is such a sham, ridiculous and frivolous observations and fraudulent charges to terminate hard working teachers so she can continue the abuse the staff, the student body, etc. On top of that she is protected by the vicious DOE lawyers, the NYSUT, the Chancellor and the UFT

  2. Veteran Teachers United

    We are going to bring her down no matter if the UFT helps or not. She is guilty of incompetence, duscriminating against veteran teachers, harassing and intimidating teachers, forcing APs to change observations, educational neglect, nismanagement of funds and computer equipment, producing the worse results ever for the regents, destroying a school’s culture, getting rid of the most experieced staff, manipulating and falsifying data.

  3. The UFT has been “Missing In Action” while brave teachers like this young man take the hit. The “Compromise Solution” approach that Unity relies on seems to always lead to the punishment, if not banishment, of rank-and-file teachers. Its long past time to remove the clowns and the thieves that pretend to represent us.

  4. Veteran Teachers United

    We will continue to fight for the students, and the staff of W.C. Bryant High School despite the Mayor and the Chancellor not taking any action against this abuse.

  5. Veteran Teachers United

    More than 100 experienced staff members got pushed out, some of them were very good. The ones left are being pressured to pass students, and are given credit like candies. DWARKA wants to run the school to the ground.

  6. Veteran Teachers United

    The staff of W.C. Bryant needs a fresh start with a new principal that will collaborate with them.

  7. Veteran Teachers Fighting United

    The scores are plummeting, and this principal is driving the school to the ground.

  8. Veteran Teachers United

    Why is Fariña protecting an abusive and incompetent principal that had destroyed the school?

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