Nominee for UFT Secretary – Michael Herman

Michael Herman for UFT Secretary

Michael Herman

Michael Herman



Teaching for NYC DOE for 25 years. I taught at Sheepshead Bay H.S. for 19 Years. While there, I sat on the UFT Executive Board and leadership team. I was chapter leader for 5 years. I transferred to Iam H.S., a small school on the Canarsie Campus and was chapter leader there for 5 years as well. I was a delegate to the AFT, NYSUT conventions for 3 years, an arbitration advocate 5 years and a salary representative at the UFT Brooklyn Office for 6 years.

What issues do you feel are most critical for our union?

Protection of ATRs, senior members and probationary teachers
Teacher evaluations
Bring back letter in file grievance – giving that up empowered principals to harass teachers.
Audit of UFT financials
Bring back elections of District Reps

How would you engage the membership in implementing the changes that are needed in our union?

Continue use of social media.

More meetings at schools not just at borough offices.

Change rules and procedures at delegate assemblies to ensure more voices are heard.

Move Executive Board meetings in local schools not just at UFT office.

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