Former Deputy Chancellor Shows How Easy It Is To Fix Grades/School

It seems as though former Bloomberg/Klein era Deputy Chancellor Santiago Taveras can show us how to easily fix a school (and grades). We can also be further schooled on how de Blasio’s DOE continues to receive failing grades for accountability.

Almost a year ago, NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI), and Department of Education’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) investigators received a plethora of evidence that indicates gross misconduct in terms of local and state violations. The now principal of Dewitt Clinton High School allegedly teaches “No Show” and underachieving students that you do not need to work hard and study. Instead, to get promoted, all you need is a small sheet of paper, approximately 3.5 inches by 9 inches, and an administrator who values data over education.

See here one of the many examples of a grade change from a student who didn’t show up to school often. You can see that the teacher’s required signature is missing, as is the reason for a change, but Principal Santiago Taveras’ signature is there. This anonymous student didn’t show yet received a 75 for a final grade with a 92 as an exam grade.

In another document, we see a student is absent for several days, but somehow is also present.

Attendance Fixing at Dewitt Clinton

Another lesson learned is that when Chancellor Farina, and her legal army, want to cover-up misconduct, the city and department’s investigatory agencies are there to engage in governmental failure. Currently there are countless educators reassigned to administrative duties for far smaller allegations, yet administrators who are alleged to have mismanaged money, engaged in fraud and worse continue working unscathed. Since attorneys are allegedly involved in these unethical practices, UFT  Solidarity is working on pulling back the legal curtain and filing complaints with the Bar Association and Disciplinary Committee.

You can view a lot more alleged misconduct by the former Deputy Chancellor, including attendance changes here – 

Download (PDF, 1.17MB)

We urge members of Dewitt Clinton HS, and the many other schools with Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI), to continue documenting and sending evidence to not only the city agencies, but also the state. Here is a complaint form to send to NYS Education Department 

Download (PDF, 29KB)



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