First General Meeting November 11, 2014

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Below is a letter we have been sending out to different groups introducing the caucus.



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Who we are and why the creation of the Solidarity Caucus of the UFT?


Simply put, those who founded, and are joining, the Solidarity Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), want to build a stronger union. A union that is the backbone and muscle of its membership. Since a large majority of UFT members are educators, the stakes are very high.

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” – Diogenes

Solidarity Caucus plans on using the talents, skills, advanced education, training, experience, savvy, political know-how, technological expertise, social media access, and the effective strength of our collective voices, minds, and desire for justice and integrity in our schools, to take back the power that we’ve, unwittingly, given away to those who have been and continue to attack our profession and education system.

We are committed:

  • To advocate for all members and improve our professions
  • To provide oversight and support to members harassed and struggling under hostile work conditions
  • To expose corruption and abuses that negatively affect member working conditions and therefore our communities
  • To advance our union whilst embracing these challenges

It’s time to TAKE ACTION and demand the RESPECT that our members deserve and earn every day in their profession.

The newly-formed UFT Solidarity Caucus is comprised of active in-service members, activist retired members, as well as discontinued former members. We will bring the union’s focus back to its members whilst building partnerships with the communities.

By improving the working conditions of the union members, who serve our communities, we believe we can make the positive changes our school system so desperately needs. We will do this together. We will do this in solidarity.

We are eager to work with any and all existing groups that are also looking to augment and improve the education system. Our members are on the frontline and we are here to support them.

We are here for you – we stand with you – and we will fight for you.

Consider joining and/or supporting.



UFT Solidarity Caucuses

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