Fatimah Ali

80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

13K009 – PS9


  1. Principal Ali has sent emails and verbally shamed teachers in group meetings. For example, she sent out two emails indicating how long each class went on a virtual platform named Freckle. In group meetings, she has said complaints along the lines of: “How can this not be clear to you if students are already coming?” Over the intercom, she once said, “Do not expect to leave this building if you do not have all your students logged into Google Classroom.” For a month since the school year started, Principal Ali would send at least 10 emails nightly. Though these have been reduced considerably in October, I unfortunately am now a target for other reasons.

  2. Our school has an adapted Model 2 form that did not get the staff to vote through a SBO process. It involves collapsing cohort C students into cohort A and B to make all in-person teachers besides those in self-contained to be hybrid teachers as they must be responsible for cohort A and B in remote days. Starting on Oct 5, Principal Ali has also split all ICT teacher teams to allow for one teacher to teach the fully remote cohort D students, and the remaining teacher to teach ICT classes alone.

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