Donate or Buy a Shirt

UFT Solidarity Caucus does not collect dues, but rather works on building a stronger union through our efforts and donations.

It takes a lot of resources to do what we do and we do what we do based on the strength of our effort and generosity.

Donations go towards:

  1. Events (spaces, permits, conferences, inter-group gatherings)
  2. Actions (rallies, picketing, leafletting, etc)
  3. Elections 
  4. Merchandise and swag to help spread our message.
  5. Assistance to members (UFT Solidarity has crowd-funded legal action against the NYC DOE in partnership with attorney Bryan Glass)
We accept payment via Venmo. Click here to make a donation or payment. (You must make a free Venmo Account)


  1. Do you have the shirt in xxl?

  2. 1 shirt X large

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