Discontinued Teacher Class Action Lawsuit Meeting

Discontinued teachers are banding together to fight back for their careers and dignity! A Solidarity member contacted Laura Barbieri from Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys. She is willing to represent discontinued teachers in a lawsuit against the DOE. We hope to see you then! Please email solidaritycaucus@gmail.com for more information or to RSPV if you do not have Facebook.

Please RSPV to this meeting by going to this link: https://facebook.com/events/573086363446448/?ti=cl

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  1. Interested in learning more about the requirements for possible consideration of
    inclusion of the class of teachers re-dressing the DOE for wrongful termination

    Thank you
    516 567 8024
    Bruce Guttman

  2. I taught for 12 years at the DOE before being targeted
    by PS 24x Principal Steve Schwartz, with his trumped up 3020a charges. Yes, this is the same Steve Schwartz infamous for his repeated gambling on horses races during school hours in 2017/2018… and again the next year. The same one who pressured administrators to give teachers in the building low scores on their observations. And, the same Steve Schwartz, who according to yesterday’s NY Post article, also bribed his teachers with extra preps in return for praising his leadership at a public community board meeting to be held 11/24/19. Schwartz created and sustained bogus disciplinary charges vs. me and gave me a slew of poor evaluations, perhaps as retaliation for contacting OSI after he and his assistant principal made me watch 90 students in the auditorium for an hour with no other adults to help me supervise the three classes, which included an ICT class.
    I retired on 9/18/18 rather than deal with the demoralizing and demonizing hearing process that lay ahead. Is this a case that would be suited for the prospective class action? Thanks for your reply.

  3. Was forced into retirement in 2016. I have an appeal.

  4. Robenniah Spain-Brandon

    I would like to know more about discontinued teachers from the DOE and how they are fighting back for their careers and dignity. Thank you.

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  6. 1. Need to know if Unsatisfactory Formal Observation may be knocked out for failure of Rating Officer to conduct a post-conference.
    2. I thought a post-conference had to be conducted within 335 days.

  7. 1. Need to know Time frame that Rating Oficer has to conduct post-conference of Unsatisfactory Observation.

    2. I thought a post-conference had to be conducted within 335 days.

  8. Senior teachers were harassed and given multiple ineffective ratings after 49 years of service. The principal Tina Hernandez systemically terminated and forced at least 13 teachers into retirement or welfare.

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