Delegate Assembly Summary, December 6th, 2017

Delegate Assembly December 6th, 2017

UFT President Michael Mulgrew’s Remarks

Federal Issues:
-Moment of silence for two deceased members, delegates including a Bronx librarian
-Thank you for Puerto Rico rally, helping to provide water purifiers for Puerto Rico
-Tax package looks like it will pass. Tax credits for buying a yacht, elimination of a children’s health program. Education will also be cut.
-Nationally we need to swing Congress back next year, push back against this administration’s attacks on working people
-Janus Case: will be handed down in May or June of 2018 it seems. The worst case scenario is a June 2018 decision at the end of the school year. (Shows clips from anti union ads encouraging opting out of union membership.) If people do stop paying dues, their salary, benefits and rights will all be reduced.

State Matters:
-January: State budget time.
-State has a three year plan. First, teachers familiarize themselves with the new standards, then teachers are trained in it, then assessments are introduced. This is an improvement over the Common Core rollout.
-Tenure law case: UFT is asking for dismissal of a case fighting to eliminate tenure in the state. In every other state tenure laws have been upheld when challenged.

Citywide Concerns:
-The principal’s union doesn’t like the new consultation process. We need to continue to hold administrators accountable in consultation and filing complaints against excessive paperwork.
-Federal budget cuts will make negotiating a new contract more difficult next year
-Health care is done through the municipal labor council, not one union at a time.
-Paid parental leave campaign is getting going, UFT is fighting for all parents including adoptive parents to get paid leave.

-In support of extending paid family leave to care for sick family members, no givebacks in exchange for paid family leave. (Defeated.)
-Opposing the current tax bill that passed Congress recently (passed unanimously.)

Next DA: January 17th

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