Tiffany D’Alessio Pendola

Tiffany Pendola (D’Alessio) – right

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I.S. 349 Math, Science & Tech.

Grades 6-8
35 Starr Street 
Brooklyn NY 11221


Formerly of Flushing High School


  1. Former Doe Teacher

    She was the special education AP at flushing high school. She worked for Tyee Chin. She is an evil one. Used to be married and was named “D’Alessio.” She was rewarded with this principal job for the failure of FHS and 3020a’s against teachers.

  2. Please note that the above statement is untrue and slander. While at FHS Tiffany did not fail the school as she worked collaboratively with the school to increase the SWD graduation rate to about 50% for 4 year graduates. In addition, she never started any 3020a’s while at FHS. Her marriage status should not be included and the picture displayed is not even her. I am requesting that this be taken down. We should be building up all members within education and not tearing them down! To use the word “evil” is cruel and unprofessional. It is obvious that this is someone without a lack of merit as their name was not included and it was posted 2/22/19 (8 month from when she left FHS).

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