COVID Action Tool Kit

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The only COVID Action Kit you’ll need!

Here are some simple things you can do to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your family this Fall. If folks don’t want to use their private emails or wish to remain anonymous send your documentation directly to us at and we will forward to the necessary agencies

1. As DOE employees our focus should be on self protection and NOT getting sick. This includes:

– rigorous hand washing 

– wearing masks and face shields  

– wearing gloves (make sure you dispose and replace regularly- DO NOT wear the same pair all day)

– stay as far away from others as possible

– bring your own water bottle

– if you are feeling sick? STAY HOME, per the Chancellor!

2. Do Not Touch Anything You Have Not Personally Brought With You!

e.g. Principal directs you to unpack supplies, books, etc. REFUSE unless you are given PPE.


4. Familiarize yourself with this UFT checklist. Print it out at home. Send digital copies to your elected union reps and colleagues. 

5. If social distancing and safety protocols are NOT being followed rigorously, or are not being enforced, tell your principal YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY or call 311 and ANONYMOUSLY report your school at that moment. 

6. Lack of PPE, soap, hot water, hand sanitizer, surface cleaners, etc and dirty, unkempt schools should be documented and reported IMMEDIATELY. 

You can use our anonymous reporting tool!

7. Use social media, the press, bcc everybody DOE, UFT, DOH, NYSUT, AFT, Mayor’s Office, City Council, Gov Cuomo, and your local representatives.

Here is a list of emails from Class Size Matters and Andy Pallota’s email is You can look up a UFT member’s email by knowing the first letter of their given name, followed by their surname (for example Janella Hinds’ email is 

Sending this out is not advocating dereliction of duty but as mandated reporters every teacher has a duty of care to their students and as a union, to their colleagues. 

This is a PRO ACTIVE strategy to encourage both self protection as well as keeping the DOE and UFT on its toes. An onslaught of heavily bcc’d emails will get the attention we need to stop the spread of Covid in our schools and greater communities. 

8. Feel free to frequently review the following blogs:

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  1. Why aren’t we demanding triple masking and face shields for everyone? We MUST defeat COVID-19 forever, and should be demanding to segregate our society and shut out the ones who refuse to get vaccinated and letting this disease mutate before our grandmas DIE!

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