Council Meeting Minutes: Dec 4

Council Meeting

Tuesday, December 4 @ 5pm

Address: WeWork Building; 85 Broad Street, 18th Floor

(Subways: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Wall St.; R or W to Whithall St.; J or Z to Broad Street)


RSPVed: Bob, Lydia, James, Claudia (phone), Johnny, Eric, Quinn

Present: James, Eric, Quinn, Johnny, Lydia, Claudia (phone)


Agenda Item:

  1. Meeting Dates: January to August 2019
  2. Post Card and Video Outreach Feedback
  3. Outreach for Executive Board Seats
  4. 2019 Platform (sent in email to Council and file shared on Slack)
  5. Formation of official 2019 Solidarity UFT Election Committee
  6. Presidential Candidates for 2019 UFT Election
  7. Professionalism, Attendance, and Responsibilities of Council Members


Minutes (abridged):

  1. Meeting Dates: Thank you to Quinn for scheduling meetings dates for the previous year. Can you please schedule monthly meetings alternating between General Meetings (using Gotomeeting) and Council/Election Meetings every month from January 2019 to Aug 2019? Avoid doing Mondays and Tuesdays; Wednesday- Saturdays work
  2. Feedback Regarding Postcards and Videos: Claudia has suggested putting her 13 points on a new postcard and distributing at the DA. What do you all think? Will need somebody to spearhead the creation of the postcards and distribution?
    1. How to pay? James wants to know about our financial assets. We can all contribute if we don’t have assets.
    2. Quinn said that people know Solidarity. Key is getting the CLs on our side.
    3. We can also flyer school buildings. We need a flyer by December 12. Johnny and Quinn will help distribute on the DA.
    4. Can we officially electioneer now? Johnny will email Amy. Francesco says we can electioneer now.
    5. Can we begin flyering? Johnny will email Amy. Francesco says we start campaign then it’s fair game on flyers and electioneering
    6. Petitions will be downloadable from UFT Website, any borough office, on or at Jan 13.
    7. Lydia email Leo Krist regarding designing 13 points into a poster. If no response by Friday, we will use UpWork. Add info about: Help email, Chapter Leader email, and toolbox. We will print out half-sheets colored copies

Election Committee: Eric, Lydia, Johnny, Quinn, and Claudia will be the election committee. We can have open meetings for anyone who wants to join.

7 Professionalism and Attendance: After election season is over, we will meet to review bylaws regarding council members.

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